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How to Stop Ads on YouTube

As YouTube is the most popular online video website now, Google is pushing more and more Ads on YouTube to do its business. Before you can watch a video, you may watch an advertisement video first. During you are enjoying the movie or TV show on Youtube, you may disturb by an ad video. Sometimes the Ads are annoying when you are watching YouTube videos, especially when you are focusing on watching. Currently, you can see three types of ads on YouTube: Text Ads, In-stream Video Ads and Image Ads. If you want to enjoy music clips, tutorials, vlogs and videos without interruption, you can block and filter unwanted YouTube ads in just a few steps. Blocking YouTube advertising is easy and fast.

Way 1: Remove Ads on Your YouTube Channel

Step 1: Go to Creator Studio
First, sign in Youtube with the YouTube account. So, click on your profile icon at the top right of the page. Then click on “Creator Studio”.

creator studio

Step 2. Access “advanced options”
Click on “Channel” and then select “Advanced” Options from the following list.

youtube channel advanced

Step 3. Disable Ads
In the advanced options page, you will find the settings of the advertisements. By default, the “Allow display of ads next to my videos” option has been selected. If you want to remove ads from YouTube videos, uncheck it. And then, click “Save” to confirm the change. Now, you’ve removed Ads from YouTube videos on your channel!

turn off youtube ads

Note: In this way, you only delete Ads on your YouTube channel. If someone wants to disable the Ads on their channel, he can follow the same steps of this guide to remove the Ads.

Way 2: Block Ads on YouTube with AdGuard

AdGuard is the most popular browser extension used to block advertisements by millions of users around the world. It can block trackers, malware domains, banners, pop-ups, and video ads, including those on Facebook and YouTube.

Download and install AdGuard extension on your browser from these links and you can block ads on YouTube easily.

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Note: If you want to block YouTube Ads on your Android smartphone, you could install this application. But you can not find any “Ads blocking apps for Android” on Google Play because they have been banned. Fortunately, the AdGuard team still provides us with the version for Android on their site.

Way 3: Remove ads on YouTube by downloading YouTube videos to PC

If you want to avoid the annoying Ads on Youtube, you can download the Youtube Videos to your computer. In this way, you can not only watch the Youtube videos without any Ads but also avoid suffering the problems of buffering if the network connection is weak or stuck. It seems to be the best way to stop Ads on Youtube, as well as Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Nicovideo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and more online video websites. In addition, after you download the Youtube videos, you can convert them to your iPhone or Android phone to watch them whenever you have time.

youtube ads

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