best iphone monitor apps

Best 10 iPhone Monitoring Apps

In this modern era, where everything is fast and secure, technology is developing itself in an entirely another form that is creative and innovative in its way. Various websites and mobile applications are being created by expert software engineers to secure the current generation. Various types of mobile apps including the features in it support […]

chrome parental control

How to Set up Parental Control on Chrome

As the famous saying states “with great power, comes great responsibility”, this applies to the power and accessibility of the internet worldwide, to every age group, to every class and creed, to every citizen of the free countries. Internet accessibility has been made possible by the cutting-edge advances in technology, and as the world around […]

telegram hack

Telegram Hack: How to Hack Telegram Online Free

In this era of technologies, smartphones are one of the essential accessories for all age groups. Even kids are also curious to use the latest gadgets to stay connected to the internet on the go. That is why parents often stay worried about what kids are doing on the phone. When the issues related to […]

block websites android

How to Block A Website on Android

There are so many reasons for blocking specific websites so that you can not access them. Some of the websites, for example, could be responsible for spreading viruses, while others may contain explicit content inappropriate for kids. There are those, which are known to steal personal data. Although you could be in a position to […]

hack wechat

2 Ways to Hack Someone’s WeChat

WeChat is considered as one of the leading messaging apps today with around 800 million users of this application around the globe. This app facilitates the sending and receiving of messages through texts, voice notes, pictures and videos and also provides a platform for communication through voice call and video chats. Now here is the […]

cell phone surveillance

Cell Phone Surveillance: Monitor Mobile Phones Remotely

Before using mobile surveillance apps, it makes sense to find out whether mobile surveillance is legal. The truth is there is no simple answer to this question and so before you think about using it, keep in mind there are a number of conditions that apply depending on what part of the world you are […]

line spy

Line Spy App – Spy Line Messages on iPhone and Android

Line is a freeware app for instant communications on Android and iPhone. People communicate with others by texts, images, video and audio. After its launch in 2011, the app has quickly gained over 400 million active users. It remains mostly used in Japan but is quickly spreading to internationals, as well. mSpy is a popular […]

find someone location

How to Find Someone’s Location without Them Knowing

It is not wrong! I know the first impression of tracking someone else’s phone seems like an ethical issue. The reality is the world today is full of risks and the┬ásafety of your family, and loved ones are crucial. Tracking does not necessarily mean snitching or any malicious reasons. While fraudsters can use the same […]

sms tracker

SMS Tracker: Track SMS on Android and iPhone

Tracking messages allows you to make good monitoring progress on your kids. If you want to spy on text messages, spy apps make it possible to let you spy on text messages. Each of the available apps is capable of extracting not just messages from a cell phone but also most other things including calls, […]

kik spy

Kik Spy: How to Spy Kik Messages

Technology revolutionizes the way of life today. Communication is a lot easier through various ways like SMS, calls, and messaging apps. Considering this, parents are having difficulty monitoring their kids. There are a lot of messages apps these days like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Kik that can be utilized easily. If you are one among […]