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How to Hack Someone’s Kik Account without Knowing

Nowadays, there are so many popular social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, and Kik. And we spend a lot of time sending and receiving messages through them. Kik is one of these popular social apps that is used widely around the world. After its foundation in 2010, Kik has gained much popularity among teenagers. That means, your kids may chat with a suspicious adult who may cause a threat. Or people who you know can use Kik to do something you don’t know.

In this case, it is quite impossible to forbid using Kik or delete your Kik account, since you don’t have this right. If you are still looking for an effective way to avoid it, you can follow this article to track someone’s Kik account. In this article, you’ll learn how to hack a Kik account easily and quickly.

What Is Kik?

Kik is an instant messenger application that can be used to send text messages and pictures, gifs, and videos. It can be used for communication and for sharing fun things with friends. It is also possible to meet new friends and play games on the app.

Kik requires a phone number to start using it. Also, to sign up, you will need an email address. The coolest thing is that creating an email address is simple, so anyone has easy access to the app.

The application has a few features that teenagers love. For instance, it allows you to discover friends with common interests, or you can chat with friends one-on-one. Also, it allows someone to make a group chat and talk there. You can communicate from one OS to another – for example, from Android to iPhone and vice versa. It also allows users to be anonymous. But it doesn’t mean you can’t control it – just like you can control other popular kids’ apps, like Instagram for example, here’s an example of how you can track it.

How to Hack Someone’s Kik Account for Free in 2024

Method 1: How to Hack Someone’s Kik Account Without Knowing

If your child is using Kik and you are worried about their activity, you may start wondering, “How to hack someone’s Kik without a survey?”

mspy reivew

Fortunately, mSpy offers you the possibility of monitoring someone’s Kik messages. This way, if you think your child is doing something wrong, you will be able to see their messages and make sure they do not talk to strangers or get into something dangerous.

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To start tracking your teenager’s Kik account, you should install mSpy. You can view a demo version of the Kik monitoring app to test it out and then download the actual app and pay for the services to gain full access to the mSpy features.

mSpy is a very powerful tool for Kik Hack. It is one of the best spyware apps in the world that is compatible with all devices, including iOS, Windows, and Android. In addition, mSpy provides great customer support when you have any problems while using the app.

With mSpy, you can hack certain features of Kik, such as photos, messages, chat history, and so on. In addition, you can also hack other social apps, such as Hack WhatsApp, Hack Snapchat, Hack Instagram, Hack Facebook, and so on. With the GPS Tracker of mSpy, you can get a certain location of the phone in real-time.

Step 1. Create and Log in mSpy Account

First, you should create a mSpy account. You can register and log in to the mSpy account and have a free trial.

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Step 2. Install mSpy on Target Mobile

After creating and activating your mSpy account, you need to install the mSpy app on Android or iPhone.

To install the app, go to “Settings” > “Security”. And then activate this function “Download from unknown sources”. Then you can install mSpy on an Android phone.

install mspy android

Step 3. Hide the mSpy App

After installing the mSpy app on mobile, sign in to the mSpy app on the phone with your username and password. Then you can hide the mSpy icon so that no one can find this app.

Step 4. Launch mSpy and Start to Track Kik

Launch the mSpy Dashboard. In this window, you can see a list: Contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, Facebook, LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kiki, and so on. Select “Kik” to view the Kik messages, photos, and videos.

mspy kik spy

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Method 2: How to Hack Someone’s Kik Account Online

There are so many online websites for hacking Kik that you can have a try. But you need to be careful of the network safety and it is not able to hack all Kik accounts.

Step 1. Go to this website: http://hackivo.com/kik/ and enter the username of the Kik account you want to track.

Step 2. Enter your email address to get the information.

Step 3. You should receive a link with information on how to access the Kik account information.

hackivo kik

Method 3: How to Hack Someone’s Kik Account with Keylogger Apps

In the first method, you can get the Kik messages by installing mSpy to spy on all the Kik data. If you want to check the Kik contacts and log in to the Kik account, you can also Hack Kik’s account by using some Keylogger Apps to record the password. In this way, you can get the password easily, and you can log in to the Kik account on a new mobile phone. Here are some Keylogger Apps you can try: mSpyeyeZy, ClevGuard, and Cocospy.

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Tips: How to Protect Your Kik Account from Getting Hacked?

As you can see above, hacking a Kik account without being caught is rather simple. However, if you want to keep your Kik account safe from hackers, try following these tips.

  • Keep your phone close to you at all times so that no one else can use it without your permission.
  • Also, activate your phone’s screen lock and create a difficult-to-guess passcode.
  • To keep the device safe, try installing an anti-malware or anti-spyware application.
  • It’s best not to link your gadget to any public network or computer because it may jeopardize its security.
  • Don’t click on links sent to you via Kik or another messaging app from untrustworthy sources.
  • Disable the auto-saving feature and don’t use the same password for all accounts so that no one may access your account information.

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1. Is It Dangerous for Kids to Use Kik?

Whereas Kik can be useful and fun, it also poses some risks for teenagers – risks that make you want to know how you can spy on someone’s Kik. Here are some potential dangers that the child is exposed to when using Kik:

  • They will be able to chat with strangers.
  • Kik is an app known to have a lot of predators, and it doesn’t make a lot of effort to delete the predators’ profiles.
  • There are no security measures set up to prevent inappropriate messages or sexually explicit content from circulating.
  • Teenagers may end up being groomed if they engage with the wrong people, especially if they talk to strangers.

2. How to Hack a Kik Account with No Survey Option?

In this article, we have discussed 3 ways how to hack someone’s Kik account.

3. Can Kik Be Hacked in 2024?

A Kik account can be hacked in a variety of ways. The most frequent technique to hack a Kik is to use phone hacking tools.


You want the best for your child, and this is why you may be looking for a Kik hack to make sure they do not engage in dangerous activities on Kik. You can use mSpy, but you may also explain the dangers and teach them what to do and not to do when using Kik. This way, your teenager will stay safe.

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