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How to Download Spotify Music on iPod Nano

Spotify is giving its customers millions of tracks to connect to. It is among the mainstream music quality players on several sites. The iPod Nano is a compact, portable Operating system created by Apple decades previously. It is restricted to music, but it has more functionality than other players. This is considered one of the best music players in the market.

If you could somehow download Spotify music on iPod Nano, this would perhaps be a great opportunity for music lovers. The truth, though, is always frustrating. Although before we get further into the subject, let us get to grips with what iPod Nano is. How to download Spotify on iPod Nano? Read from this article post.

Part 1. Is There Spotify App for iPod Nano?

As stated earlier, the iPod Nano is a media player produced by Apple. All across Apple’s attempts to develop its greatest music player, iPod Nano, seven versions have been made. iPod Nano has not been on sale until 2017, however, I think it is indeed famous among music fans.

Soon after it was released, iPod Nano has become the finest MP3 player of all time. The iPod Nano definitely does have its own features that lure buyers. As a consequence, several music fans will find it important.

Solved : How Can I Download Spotify On iPod Nano In 2021

Talking of downloading Spotify on iPod Nano, the Spotify application is a decent option because it provides millions of songs available for consumers to even get their favorite tracks. That being said, there has been actually no Spotify application for iPod Nano that follows paid and free users who do not play Music services offline with iPod Nano.

But there is an alternative option to access Spotify on Nano’s iPod. Yes, completely! Here I am going to give you an option for some of the next parts of this article. Free accounts of Spotify cannot access the software or play music without a connection to the internet. Yeah, that was for sure. How is this related to the iPod Nano update of Spotify?

Part 2. Can I Still Download Music to My iPod Nano?

Though you are accustomed to it, you could find it irritating to realize that after having able to link to Wireless devices, iPod Nano does not even have Wi-Fi. Apple has omitted Wi-Fi since the iPod Nano is designed whenever the internet was not as common as it was before. That is precisely why you cannot download Spotify on iPod Nano without even any advanced equipment. Although streaming offline is impractical for current subscribers of Spotify, many of those have been forced to choose a Subscription service.

Best Spotify Music Converter

Spotify tracks are produced in a specific style. Except for paid subscriptions, OGG Vorbis could only be cached on local computers, which ensures that the stored Spotify songs cannot be forwarded to iPod Nano as regular music clips. Throughout this context, clients need to adjust the type of Spotify tracks to run on iPod Nano.

Spotify Music Converter is the perfect alternative for a music converter. Through its excellent features, you could convert Spotify tracks to MP3, and AAC, including WAV files that are compliant with iPod Nano. Data such as Spotify tracks, playlists, audiobooks, and podcasts can be downloaded and saved for iPod Nano listening.

In addition, conversion takes place at 5X higher speed without any content degradation of the Spotify songs. In fact, all material, like ID3 tags or metadata, would be stored in a package. As a result, Spotify Music Converter allows the user to permanently connect Spotify to iPod Nano.

Guide to Download Spotify Music and Transfer Them to iPod Nano via iTunes

You were authorized to download Spotify music on iPod Nano through the guide below. Everything you should do is download the Spotify Music Converter. With this software, all your Spotify songs will be downloaded to your iPod Nano with ease.

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This is how to download Spotify Music to MP3 and transfer them to iPod Nano.

  • Download and install the Spotify Music Converter to your system. Launch the software on your computer.
  • Grab the reference or URL of the Spotify song you would like to download to the iPod nano.
  • Paste the URL into the Spotify Music Converter.
  • Choose the proper file format you want.
  • Begin the conversion process by pressing the “Convert” button.

Download Spotify Music

Keep the downloaded Spotify song files on your own device. Then transfer the downloaded Spotify music to iPod Nano using iTunes.

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Part 3. Record Spotify Music and Transfer Them to iPod Nano

You will use iTunes to merge the Spotify tracks you have converted with the iPod. Here, we will suggest a simple iOS manager app to transfer music between your iPod and your device or download Spotify on iPod Nano. Mobile Manager is indeed a great way to help you stream and access Spotify songs to iPod/iPhone/iPad. You could also use the app to move tracks from iTunes quickly.

Another method we connect with you would be to record Spotify songs in MP3 format through Screen Recorder and then move the processed content to an iPod. Screen Recorder is really the best screen capturing as well as a sound recording device to record certain sound clips on your Mac or Windows computer.

You could use this screen recorder to capture streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and more with its actual sound quality. This is also an all-in-one MP3 audio recorder app, that comes with computer game recording, Skype conversation recording, YouTube recording, and therefore more functionality for computer screen capturing.

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Here is a comprehensive guide to teaching what you need to do.

    1. Download Screen Recorder on your computer. Now launch the software.
    2. To record the Spotify songs, click the “Audio Recorder” button.
    3. Hover the “Settings” key on the keyboard and then go to the “General” > “Output” tab to pick a recording destination folder, the program could be used to record Spotify songs as well as other online streaming in MP3, WMA, M4A, and ACC formats.
    4. Click the “Start” button to start the recording.
    5. Select the “Stop” key to access and save all the Spotify tracks, you can view the recorded files by pressing the “Play” key. And if you are really pleased with the completion, you could save stored content to your machine in MP3 files by pressing the “Save” key.
    6. The recording of Spotify tracks has been stored on your computer.

Once the process is completed, you could easily find the Spotify track in a DRM-free MP3 file. And then use the Cell Phone Manager to pass modified Spotify content to an iPad to listen offline, and convert Spotify songs to a CD, move it to MP3 players, then run it wherever.


The iPod Nano contains the very same flash storage as the iPod, however, introduces a big, small screen as well as the “click wheel” control wheel of the iPod Touch. It was not until the sixth generation that now the rounded corners were canceled and shifted to an inter-screen.

iPod Nano has always been such a powerful Console that it succeeded the generation. That being said, no matter exactly how you use the iPod Nano, iPod Classic, or iPod Shuffle, it is challenging to play Spotify tracks. Only with the help of Spotify Music Converter, you could convert Spotify music to a common format for playback.

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