Top 5 Best WhatsApp Hacker to Track WhatsApp

Nowadays we make and enjoy digital life. Then you do not have to call others anymore. Why? With WhatsApp, I can create calls and direct high-quality audio communication! It is no doubt that WhatsApp is a popular app worldwide.

You can sign in to WhatsApp with a phone number without creating other accounts. In addition, you no longer need to find the contacts yourself, like Facebook and Twitter. The WhatsApp contacts are the contacts on your iPhone or Android phone!

But a coin always has two sides. For example, our children will also use WhatsApp in everyday life. We can not always watch them. Maybe they will meet some strangers and add these strangers as the person in the WhatsApp contacts. This is very dangerous for children.

To protect your children, you may need to hack WhatsApp. With some WhatsApp hackers, you can just crack the WhatsApp. Then you can read and watch all WhatsApp messages and photos sent/received from your child’s WhatsApp.

Here We recommend 5 best WhatsApp hacker tools for you to monitor WhatsApp on iPhone and Android. After reading this article, you can directly find the right WhatsApp hacker for your children.

Top 5 WhatsApp Hackers


mSpy is a reliable tool for WhatsApp hacking. You can install mSpy not only on Android or iPhone but also on PC and Mac. After you have installed the program on the phone or PC, you can view and check almost all the files from the device, such as WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp pictures, WhatsApp contacts, GPS locations, Call log, SMS and so on.

In addition, you can block certain websites to avoid visiting bad information. For example, you can add some words to this program so that the website related will be blocked!

It costs $29.99 for the program. You can get more information on our mSpy review. Or enable mSpy!

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FlexiSPY is a special WhatsApp hacker. It is compatible with almost all mobile phones. It supports Android, iPhone, Symbian and Blackberry devices! You can also check the GPS locations and view other files on the phone. Then you can also export the messages on the phone to other devices!

Get more information on our FlexiSPY guide.
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SpyBubble is also a good tool for WhatsApp cracking. You can install SpyBubble on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry phones. With it, you can hack and spy calls, messages, photos, emails and so on.

It costs $ 49.95 for this program.

Highest Mobile

There is a very special feature for Highster Mobile: you can hear the calls directly while your children are using audio communication. Then you can install simultaneously on different phones!

It costs $ 69.99 for the Highest Mobile.

The Truth Spy

With Truth Spy, you can hack and check WhatsApp and Viber at the same time. Just install the application on the Android and iPhone. After installing, you can also directly read all Skype and Handouts messages on the web pages.

It costs $ 16.99 for The Truth Spy.

Pay attention: Before you install these WhatsApp hackers, you should make clear and explain to your children or the person the details of this program to guarantee the private information.

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