mSpy Review 2022: Best Mobile Monitor App for Android & iPhone

Nowadays, the smartphone becomes more and more useful and plays a great role in our daily life. It can be said, everyone needs a smartphone and even they can’t leave it. So it records more and more important information on the smartphone. No matter you are parents, couple, or friends, for some reason you may be looking for a tool to track or monitor the smartphone, including Android phone, iPhone, and iPad. Is there one?

mSpy is a powerful tool to track all smartphone activities including text messages, call history, GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram Messages, KIK, LINE, Viber. And you can also view the Photos & Videos, Emails, Contacts, Notes, Calendar activities, Internet browsing history on the smartphone by mSpy. Even if you are parents, you can set keyword alerts, incoming calls restriction, Geo-Fencing, and block websites as well as applications’ installation.

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mSpy Features You Should Know

Track SMS and iMessage

With mSpy, you can track all SMS and view every sent and received text message and iMessages. Even the messages are deleted, you can view them because all SMS will be recorded. At the same time, you can view more information like the sender of each message, the date, and the time.

mspy sms

Track Phone Apps Messages & Calls

As more and more social chatting apps become popular, they keep more information in the conversations in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, LINE, Kik, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, and Viber. Usually, you can read and monitor all send/received messages in the apps. You can browse and track all the media files, including links, photos, and videos shared on those apps. With mSpy, you can easily spy WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc., and view those Apps conversations easily and you can know what to do next.

mspy whatsapp

View Photos & Videos

Sharing photos is a fun and entertaining activity, but at the same time, it has tremendous potential for abuse, especially for teens. With mSpy you can access someone’s iPhone or Smartphone to view the photos or protect your kids from the dangers of sexting and cyberbullying.

mspy phone photos

Monitor Phone Calls

You can view all incoming and outgoing calls and know who makes the calling. If you think the calling is not good, you can block the unwanted calls, and manage the restrictions you have set from your personalized Control Panel.

mspy call history

mspy-incoming calls restriction

Monitor GPS Location

When you are worried about where your children will go or you want to know where they are, you can get the GPS location and even check their route history with mSpy. Having this information, they can’t lie to you because you know where they have been. You can also set safe boundaries for your children such as home, school, or Grandma’s house, with the mSpy Control Panel. After that, you can receive email notifications about each zone entrance and exit.

mspy gps location

mspy geo fencing

Monitor Internet Activities

Nowadays, there are many good things and bad things on the internet. You can’t know what your children will get from the Internet. So monitoring their Internet use is an important way to protect them. You can monitor what sites your child visits on the Net with mSpy. You will be able to track and store all the activities taking place on your kid’s web browser. Besides, you can protect your child from objectionable content using the mSpy website blocking feature to block undesired or inappropriate websites. You can establish specific times when access to certain sites is restricted to avoid that if they may be easily addicted to it. In addition, you can track the Wi-Fi hotspots location and prevent suspicious hotspot connections.

mspy browsing history bookmark

mspy wifi network

Control Apps

You can view all installed and available apps on your device. You can get the details of each app (name, version). With mSpy, you can restrict the usage of unwanted apps with the Block App button to prevent your kids from using some useless apps.

mspy block phone app


When you get mSpy, you can also set the Keyword Alerts Tracking to get immediate alerts on the specified keywords/phrases and see all the content that includes dangerous words or phrases. And mSpy supports iOS and Android OS so that almost all iPhone, iPad, and Android phones are supported. For iOS, some functions need you to jailbreak, but some functions, like tracking SMS/MMS/iMessage/Notes/Contacts/WhatsApp/Website history/Apps installation, don’t need jailbreak. If you can access iCloud, it will be easier than you can monitor a no-jailbreak iPhone. And mSpy supports unlimited device change. So just have a try if it is suitable for you.

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