best iphone monitor apps

Best 10 iPhone Monitoring Apps

In this modern era, where everything is fast and secure, technology is developing itself in an entirely another form that is creative and innovative in its way. Various websites and mobile applications are being created by expert software engineers to secure the current generation. Various types of mobile apps including the features in it support […]

block chrome ads

How to Block Ads on Google Chrome

One of the hallmarks of the new generation is “THE FREE WEB”. However, using the internet for free has its significant drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of a free web is the annoying advertisements that pop up every time when you connect to the internet. These advertisements sometimes contain links to unhealthy adult or […]

block ads android

How to Block Ads on Android

Ads are almost as necessary as the applications are. Many applications and websites are giving you free contents, free services, and free software as someone is paying them to keep them up. Resultantly, the service provider needs to serve ads in order to generate income to stay in the business. However, sometimes the placement of […]

instagram ad blocker

How to Block Ads on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly unrivaled in its role to the fans. It has, therefore, become very popular around the world. One of the biggest challenges associated with the application includes increased ads. Most users find them irritating and are desperate to get rid of them. The ads often distract you from your processes and tasks, as […]

clean junk files mac

How to Clean Junk Files on Mac

As Apple releases great products to us, such as iPhone, iPad and the Mac computer, it gains many fans and users. People love Mac computer for its great design, powerful system and awesome performance. Once you use a Mac, you will find more and more advantages of Mac. Compared with Windows OS, The Mac operation […]

free up disk mac

How to Free up Disk Space on Mac

Are you struggling with full disk space on your Mac? This is probably the most common problem faced by all Mac users collectively, no matter which Mac you are using, such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac and iMac Pro. Apple is gearing up to launch something effective to deal with the uncongenial […]

clear cache mac

How to Clear Cache on Mac

In today’s world of gadgets, computer, and internet, billions of users use Facebook, make some purchases over the internet, do some internet banking transactions or roam around the internet for the sake of fun. All these actions, amongst others, require the flow of a lot of data over the internet. Some of this is absorbed […]

chrome parental control

How to Set up Parental Control on Chrome

As the famous saying states “with great power, comes great responsibility”, this applies to the power and accessibility of the internet worldwide, to every age group, to every class and creed, to every citizen of the free countries. Internet accessibility has been made possible by the cutting-edge advances in technology, and as the world around […]

hide ip address

How to Hide IP Address

Many of the times you would need to hide your IP Address for several reasons that include navigating through the website while staying anonymous, get full access to the movie streaming or to obtain maximum benefit of public Wi-Fi. No matter what the reason is but what’s common in all those reasons is you want […]

best mac vpn

Best & Free VPN for Mac – Fast, Safe and Powerful

There is no doubt to say that Virtual Private Network or VPN has great potential to enhance your safety while working online. These servers are designed to make all your internet activities anonymous while protecting your privacy with the help of advanced protocols. Although it may appear quite surprising, the fact is that VPN helps […]