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2 Ways to Hack Someone’s WeChat Account for Free

WeChat is considered one of the leading messaging apps today with around 800 million users of this application around the globe. This app facilitates the sending and receiving of messages through texts, voice notes, pictures, and videos and also provides a platform for communication through voice calls and video chats. Now here is the omissible truth that every good thing comes with a price. If we go through the statistics of the users, we will come to know that a huge portion of this number consists of teenagers below the age of eighteen; these kids often fall prey to online vulnerability and the only way to rescue them is for their guardians to check through their phone’s messages.

Can a WeChat account be hacked? How to hack a WeChat account without knowing? WeChat is one of the most used social apps and people use it either for personal or professional reasons. Parents, always want to figure out whom the kids spend all night chatting with to keep them safe. Employers tend to make sure that workers focus on their jobs during company hours. Sometimes you may wonder about whom your boyfriend or girlfriend chats with. Hacking a WeChat account should be for ethical purposes. But winning an opportunity to check through the child’s phone is seldom possible and that’s when hacking is the only available option. Here we are with the two best tools for hacking WeChat.

How to Hack WeChat Account without Passwords Using ClevGuard

How to Hack WeChat Using ClevGuard

Counted as the world’s leading hacking application, ClevGuard is known for its easy installation and usage. We have laid down some simple steps that you need to follow to use it successfully.

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Step 1. Identify the target phone model and the OS version.

Step 2. Choose your ClevGuard features & package and purchase.

Step 3. Install the ClevGuard app on iPhone or Android phones. After installing, you can hide the ClevGuard app in the device so that no one knows it. Then you can sign in to your ClevGuard account from your computer; you can choose to find any social media application on the left portion of the screen, scroll down, and choose WeChat, and there you have it all.

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How to Hack WeChat Account without Passwords Using mSpy

mSpy can be hailed as one of the most effective privacy and security monitoring apps in recent times. Apart from letting you into the social media account, it also helps you to access the target device. Here are the steps to follow that will ensure successful hacking through this app.

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Step 1. Create a mSpy account and wait until you receive an e-mail confirming your registration and purchasing of the app.

mspy create an account

Please note: Premium features require rooting your Android or jailbreaking your iOS device.

Step 2. Along with the subscription to mSpy, install mSpy on the target phone that you wish to spy upon. And the mSpy app hides in the mobile phone without knowing.

select your device

Step 3. Log in to the mSpy Control Panel on a computer to start monitoring WeChat, as well as calls, texts, GPS location, apps, and any other activities taking place on the target device. Click on the name of the device that you want to track the activities of and your work is done!

mspy keylogger


With the world moving at a pace where everything seems to get over before the blink of an eye, and with cybercrime only growing in volume with each passing day, maintaining cell phone surveillance on your offspring’s activities is of the utmost importance. Keep in mind to use these hacking techniques only as a tool to correct the misdoings of someone, not in a way that might end up hurting somebody’s sentiments or can prove itself illegal.

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