How to Spy Someone’s LINE Messages on iPhone and Android

LINE is a freeware app for instant communications on Android and iPhone. People communicate with others through text messages, images, video, and audio. After its launch in 2011, the app quickly gained over 400 million active users. It remains mostly used in Japan but is quickly spreading to internationals, as well.

mSpy is a popular spying application, which can be installed on smartphones to monitor kids or employees. With mSpy, you can easily spy conversations and photos on LINE. In addition, It can also track text messages, record voice messages, monitor keystrokes, as well as capture the screens. Besides LINE, it can spy messages on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, and other messaging apps. The best part of mSpy is that there is a 3-day free trial for both Android and iOS devices.

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The main innovative characteristics of the app are comprehensible. You can select what to monitor in the target device in a wide range of options. The app is responsible for safe and discreet tasks for your kids. It can show both incoming and outgoing texts, all keystrokes on various apps, and many more desired features. mSpy can also block apps, limit screen time, and check logs remotely via email.


1. Spy on LINE Chat & History

You can monitor both sent and received messages on the LINE app remotely without knowing.

2. Viewing Photos & Videos

mSpy is designed to access shared content. This includes the photos stored on target devices for easy download.

3. Track SMS, Calls, and Apps Data

You can access SMS, call logs, and all data on the target phone with mSpy.

How to Spy LINE Messages on iPhone and Android for Free

This powerful app allows users to track as much information as possible on the target phone. It helps parents, employees, and partners to manage their information for safety. Here are some steps to help you monitor LINE messages.

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Step 1. Create mSpy account

Register with your account on the mSpy official website to begin. After this, give the required information about the target phone. Proceed to the Developer Option on your phone, which will allow the installation of an app especially not from an authorized source.

mspy create an account

Step 2. Install mSpy on the target phone

Download the mSpy app on the target phone. Launch it on your phone to log in with the details accurately.

select your device

Step 3. Activate the spying

Activate the app and then hide the app on the target device. This will help you conceal the plan and remain discreet as spying keeps running in the background.

Step 4. View the LINE messages

Proceed to your control board to view the messages of LINE on the target phone.

mspy spy line

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Why do you need to spy on LINE?


Since most parents are worried about their children’s safety, there is a need to build a network to protect them. Some of the dangers include bullying, cheating, or exposure to pedophiles. Since the parents cannot forbid the children away from their favorite devices. mSpy grants the parents an opportunity to monitor each operation on their phone. It also allows the parent to filter unwanted information, and help their child avoid accessing inappropriate sites.


Leakage of a business trade secret can bring a huge setback to a company. It is therefore important to keep up with surveillance of every leakage spot. mSpy can prevent such problems from occurring. No company can tolerate this risk hence the need for spy LINE. It gives the management a chance to monitor and follow up on the use of employees’ devices.


Losing your phone to theft or otherwise, can be prevented by mSpy too. One may also accidentally delete all information. With mSpy, it is easy to find all the information back instantly. This means it acts as a backup to all LINE content necessary. You may download them at any time needed.


What makes mSpy a remarkable app is the abundance of reliable features. The latest design comes with innovative methods to keep monitored devices in check. They are also easy to install and use. Apart from Call recorders, and SMS trackers, others include Social media, GPS, WhatsApp, and many more options. You can access your target from anywhere in the world. This means you are not limited by distance or location in your efforts to the safety of your kids. Remote surveillance of your kids is made possible by mSpy, but its compatibility with all Android versions is what makes it most popular. In Conclusion, mSpy has proven effective in monitoring targeted devices.

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