How to Set Parental Controls on iPhone & iPad

As a caring parent, you always want to know what your child is doing with his/her mobile phone, what they are accessing on the phone internet or in which social activities they are involved. Though there is so much parental control software available in the market to have a check on children, you should know that you can simply do it with the use of Content and Privacy Restrictions on an iPhone. To set parental controls on iPhone, there are some settings you need to consider and then you are able to easily limit or block some specific features and applications on your kid’s iPhone.
Here’s how to set parental controls on the iPhone:

1. Setting Restrictions

By setting restrictions on the iPhone, you can put parental control. These restrictions prevent your children to look at anything that they don’t need to. You can restrict the access of using Safari browser, explicit songs, iTunes Store, installing various applications, and much more.
In order to set restrictions, go to “Settings” then select “General” and then opt for “Restrictions”. There you will be given a PIN that will enable you to access or deny the “Restrictions” and then you can close any type of feature.

setting restrictions

2. By Setting Screen Time Limitations

You can set iPhone parental controls time limit by adding children to family sharing. For this, go to “Settings” and then “Screen Time”. There you can put various rules for iPhone usage. One of the amazing things is that you will receive a weekly detailed report.
This function will let you know about the number of times a phone has been used every day and the amount of time being spent on each application. With the help of this functionality, you can monitor the usage of your child’s iPhone weekly as well as daily.

set app limit

3. Enable Guided Access
This mode will lock the iPhone with a single click. It is a good way to make focus on a single task instead of multi-tasking.
In order to enable the guided access, touch on the “Settings” button then select “General” and then go for the “Accessibility” option. After that, gently scroll it down to the “Learning” and tap on the “Guided Access” option and turn it on.
When you need to use it, launch the application and then click the Home button thrice. There, a passcode will be required to disable the Guided Access. For your convenience, it is recommended, not to share your passcode with anyone.

4. Setting iTunes Preferences
You need to keep in mind that the content that you have downloaded either on your computer or phone if you have shared it in the cloud, can be easily accessed by iPhone.
So, to manage the content, go to the iTunes store via your computer. Click on the “Edit” in the menu, select the “Preferences” and then click on the “Parental” key.
Here you will find what you need to download including TV and movie ratings as well. Finally, click on the “Ok” button and you can restrict the downloading and sharing on the iPhone.

5. Try To Disable Various Applications
After moving to Content and Privacy Restrictions on the top menu, you will find an Allowed Application section which will certainly give you access to control and access various applications. You can disable the unwanted applications that you think are inappropriate in terms of anything.
You can also put iPhone parental control texting to restrict the users for certain texting applications and software.

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