firefox removal

How to Block Ads on Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is listed as one of the mostly used web-browsers in the whole world. It is a free, open-source browser that is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Firefox provides better, fast browsing with many other features such as spell checking, live and smart bookmarking, etc. Why It Is Important to […]

block chrome ads

How to Block Ads on Google Chrome

One of the hallmarks of the new generation is “THE FREE WEB”. However, using the internet for free has its significant drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of a free web is the annoying advertisements that pop up every time when you connect to the internet. These advertisements sometimes contain links to unhealthy adult or […]

block ads android

How to Block Ads on Android

Ads are almost as necessary as the applications are. Many applications and websites are giving you free contents, free services, and free software as someone is paying them to keep them up. Resultantly, the service provider needs to serve ads in order to generate income to stay in the business. However, sometimes the placement of […]

instagram ad blocker

How to Block Ads on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly unrivaled in its role to the fans. It has, therefore, become very popular around the world. One of the biggest challenges associated with the application includes increased ads. Most users find them irritating and are desperate to get rid of them. The ads often distract you from your processes and tasks, as […]

stop facebook ads

How to Stop Ads on Facebook

Many websites got their Ads from Ads network. They show the advertisements by using a code called cookie on your computer. After visiting, the site recognizes the cookies and let the Ads network know where you are so they can send personalized advertisements. Where it gets scary is that Facebook is added to the Ads […]

youtube ads

How to Stop Ads on YouTube

As YouTube is the most popular online video website now, Google is pushing more and more Ads on YouTube to do its business. Before you can watch a video, you may watch an advertisement video first. During you are enjoying the movie or TV show on Youtube, you may disturb by an Ads video. Sometimes […]