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How to Block Ads on Android

Ads are almost as necessary as the applications are. Many applications and websites are giving you free content, free services, and free software as someone is paying them to keep them up. Resultantly, the service provider needs to serve ads in order to generate income to stay in the business.

However, sometimes the placement of the ad turns annoying and irritating for you, that it does not contribute to so appealing. But it is important to know, how to block ads on an Android phone or on your personal computer.

How to Block Ads on Android With AdGuard

adgaurd android ad blocker

AdGuard is the ideal and perfect solution for Android phones against the ads. As you want to remove the ads and pop up ads on Android phones or Android Chrome, AdGuard seems to be the best Android Ad Blocker.

Step 1. Download and Install AdGuard on Android
Open the browser in your Android and immediately download the AdGuard application. After finishing the download, install AdGuard on Android.
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Step 2. Launch AdGuard
Launch AdGuard application. For Android, the application will ask for permission after you open the AdGuard application. And then click on allow superuser application.

Step 3. Block ads on Android
Now you can start to block ads on Android with AdGuard. Just restrict or allow non- intrusive ads by going into the settings.

Although ads may sound annoying and irritating, these are also one of a great way to be aware of new applications, sites and products. By allowing non-intrusive ads, you can easily expose yourself to the new and great applications that may not have been possible without these ads. On the other hand, there are several applications that offer you various options that you can buy an ad-free version of applications. But by having AdGuard application on your android, you do not need to ask how do I stop ads on my android phone from anyone. In addition, AdGuard provides you a safe way to protect your privacy on the Internet.

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What Are The Different Types Of Ads On Android?

Here are some popular types of ads that appear on the androids. Briefly discussed below:
1. Ads in the form of banners
· These are the oldest and most abundant type of ads that appear on the androids.
· Basically, Android ad banners came from the web marketing ancestors but importantly have survived against their advanced rivals.
· These are entrenched into the application or web page that you visit.
· These are available in the form of images but not in the form of texts.
· The basic purpose of creating a banner ad is to attract as many customers as possible.
· These pop-ups take you to the other page mostly the advertiser’s webpage or application.
· Apart from purpose, there is logic to keep the ad simple. The advertiser simply wants to display the banner on the screen of your android and hopes that the user will click on the banner.
· Remember, banners do not need to be in white or black color. These are mostly in form f high definition graphics and color schemes.

2. Native Ads
· Native ads are nearly as close as the banners are.
· But these are less evident. These may not be direct advertisement content.
· These ads are specifically designed to coincide with the actual application.
· Or in other words, presumed to be the part of the application.
· Even the worst thing about these ads is that these native ads cannot be blocked.
· According to research, watching native ads means watching genuine editorial content.

3. Interstitial Ads
· Interstitial ads are the full-screen ads, images or videos that usually appear at the time of natural application transition point. For example, when the android moves to the nest game level or when you have seen one video and you are about to see the next video etc.
· It is generally observed that these types of ads have relatively more click-through rates than the others.
· The reason is their bigger size and impressions appearing on the screens.
· These ads almost cover the whole screen of the android cell phone.
· One thing is certain, these only appear when the user has almost completed one task.
· Users have been often observed to search how to block ads on chrome android.

4. Video Ads
· In 2017 approximately, 4 billion dollars was spent on the ads.
· In 2019, the cost is expected to be reached at 7 billion.
· Unlike interstitial ads and banner ads, video ads have not been considered so distractive.
· As watching the ad on a smartphone or android is not so distractive watching as compared to watching it on TV.
· When users use an Android smartphone, these videos automatically open at their screen.
· These video ads are simple in nature but creative and attractive.
· These ads are not as annoying as far as sound or video is concerned.

5. Rewarded Videos Ads
· It is another type of video ads.
· The difference is the reward.
· Users get the benefit of different types of rewards by watching these ads.
· The major reason behind creating such ads is to increase the revenue for the application publisher.
· It is a great way to monetize the applications and at the same time introduce the premium game content.
· Like Video Ads, these ads are also engaging and super creative indeed.
· Some of these ads are not skippable; this is why these ads have more chance to get attracted by the users.

6. Rich Media Ads
· Another form of interactive advertisement is rich media ads.
· It may include different creatives like text, video, and images, audio or mini-games.
· These ads give users of Android a completely different way of attraction.
· These ads are now considered as highly interactive, the reason is that these ads may lead to purchasing intent and brand awareness.

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