AdGuard Review: Best Ad Blocker in 2022

When you are surfing the Internet or using some free software, do you hate the ads that sometimes constantly pop up? If so, you may be wondering if you can get something to block these. AdGuard is an advanced Ad Blocker that you are supposed to have a try. With the help of AdGuard, you can get rid of annoying intrusive ads as well as online tracking. It can even keep your computer safe from malware. With AdGuard, it is possible to make web surfing be quicker, safer, and also more relaxing.

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Features of AdGuard

AdGuard has some powerful features that make it a blocker. Its features include:

Helpful Ad Blocking

AdGuard is such a useful ads blocker that it will handle unwanted banners, pop-ups along with video ads so that you do not need to be faced with them again.

adguard remove banner ads

Required Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is something that is very important. Everyone wants their information to be protected, especially when they are on the Internet. AdGuard is able to hide your private data so that the trackers and activity analyzers who are present online cannot access it.

adguard track data

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Helps with Browsing Security

It is necessary not to enter websites that will cause harm to your data. For this, you can use the ads blocker that will help with browsing security. AdGuard has features that aid you in avoiding fraudulent and even phishing websites along with malware attacks. These things need to be avoided if you want a safe online experience.

adguard speed up browser

Parental Control

If you have kids, the parental control feature will be the thing you want. The internet no doubt is useful, but there are even many websites present that are not for kids. It is simple to gain access to these websites. If you don’t want to be worried about what your children are up to on the Internet, you can activate parental control. AdGuard provides powerful parental control for you. This keeps your kids safe online by carefully keeping them away from being able to access inappropriate content. AdGuard definitely has some features that are needed and are also useful to have a safe and enjoyable online experience.

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AdGuard is a versatile software that is compatible with several platforms. These include:

AdGuard for PC/Mac – Remove ads on Windows & Mac

You can get AdGuard for Windows to remove the ads on Windows. It tends to be a multipurpose type of tool which mixes all required features so that you can have a wonderful web experience. With AdGuard, ads might be blocked, as well as harmful websites. It can even increase the speed of page loading and keeps your children protected during the time that they are online.

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You can get AdGuard for Mac to delete ads on macOS and keep your Mac safe. It is designed to be the best Mac ads blocker based on macOS specifics. You will get protection against ads in Safari as well as other browsers. It can even keep you safe from tracking, phishing, plus fraud.

adguard windows

AdGuard for Android – Block Android ads and be safe

Those who use an Android device will be pleased to hear that you can get AdGuard for Android, which is considered the best Android adblocker. It is a powerful solution for use on an Android mobile device. Unlike other ad blockers, AdGuard will not need root access and it gives a broad spectrum consisting of features. These include filtering in apps, helpful app management, and more exciting features.

AdGuard Content Blocker can help out those who use Samsung Internet and also Yandex Mobile browsers. You should know that this app will not need root access moreover you can get configured to the users you want. Users can select from the above 20 language-specific and wonderful general filters.

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adguard android

AdGuard for iOS – Helpful to iPhone and iPad users

For iPhone and iPad, AdGuard for iOS is a must-need app. It is an advanced blocker for Safari, which can block all ads and counters, increase in speed of page-loading, and even have your personal data kept safe. There are above 50 filters that are available. Therefore, it is possible to adjust the filtering as you wish to.

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You can even get AdGuard for iOS Pro. When it comes to AdGuard Pro, this not only is able to block ads in Safari, but also behaves like a firewall, parental control, and privacy protection tool. You can get protection from harmful websites and also boost internet speed with AdGuard for iOS. You will need to simply provide access to the custom DNS settings to achieve this.

adguard iphone

AdGuard Browser Extension

With AdGuard, you can get a solution for ad blocking within popular browsers, i.e. Chrome, Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, as well as Safari. AdGuard browser extension may be employed upon some platforms, i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, along with GNU/Linux, to block the ads in the browser.


After reading about the exciting features you may want to know how much AdGuard costs. You can buy the license in the below packages.

Let us first look at the Subscription option. If you want the Standard protection that can activate AdGuard on your Windows, PC, or even Mac, this will cost you US$1.66 + VAT. This is per month billed annually and for one PC or Mac. The Premium protection can be gotten for mobile as well as standard protection within a single license. It is for US$2.08 + VAT and per month billed annually. It is for one PC or Mac and also on Android. The Mobile protection one will allow you to activate AdGuard upon an Android device. It is for US$0.83 + VAT and is per month billed annually for one Android.

The Lifetime license for Standard protection is US$49.95 + VAT. For Premium protection, it is US$59.95 + VAT, and for Mobile protection, it is $24.95 + VAT.

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Overall, it can be seen that AdGuard is an effective and complete ad blocking as well as a privacy protection suite. Among all ad-blocker solutions, AdGuard is the best adblocker. It covers literally every device and not only the major platforms. It even helps with child protection so that you do not need to worry when your kids are browsing the internet. Its many features make it a remarkable software to consider.

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