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Nowadays, people take photos and videos no matter when or where they are. You can record their trips, life and important moments in the pictures so that when they look at you again, the memories will be called back to you. After you took a lots photos, you would like to enhance, edit or do some adjustment on those pictures that may be blurry, underexposed or too dark. In this moment, a photo editor software would be the best choice for you to fix all the issues about your pictures.

Photolemur is an automatic photo editor and enhancement tool that basically helps to eliminate options like brightness adjustment, contrast settings, and other features which people might find very confusing and difficult to do. It presents a simple interface where you load your photos in the app and you can see automatically edited photos.
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How Does Photolemur Work?

It’s quite easy to use and smart. Photolemur presents an interface where you load your photos, and get them edited automatically. Once you have loaded the photos, you can then edit each one and get a preview of the edited images with the help of the “Before and After Slide” feature. The slider allows you to view the edited image made by Photolemur so you can decide if the edited image is better than the original.

launch images

Photolemur does an automatic adjustment to the colors, contrast, and sharpness along with the brightness of the images, giving them a more vibrant look. Photolemur also edits the background of the images, which makes them have their own clarity. At the same time, this removes the dullness and gives better color vibrancy.

face enhancement

When it comes to the matter of options, Photolemur does a wonderful job of focusing on the enhancement of the images automatically using artificial intelligence to improve the photo resolution. All the user needs to do is, using the slider to control the faces and the eyes in the photos.

face prefect

This is all just wonderful, right? If you are not fully convinced that Photolemur offers the best photo enhancement you can think about, then see the features below and you will have a change of heart.

Full Features of Photolemur

Photolemur also comes with a lot of features that will be at play when you edit photos using it. Take a look at all the features below. Aside from the features stated above, Photolemur also comes with other wonderful features that make it one of the best photo editor software. These features play an important role in your editing experience. The features are:

Color Recovery & Sky Enhancement

Photolemur checks for the colors that are dull in the photos and also detects the sky and variety of colors it displays. Once it successfully analyzes the photo, it automatically applies an appropriate adjustment to enhances the photo.

sky enhancer

color recovery

Exposure Compensation & Natural Light Correction

Photolemur has an AI integrated into it and this AI helps to automatically detect any error in photo exposure. It then fixes the error, bringing out better colors in the image. In the same way, the Natural Light Correction corrects the colors and light in photos that are taken in a natural lighting condition.

exposure compensation

RAW Format Support

With this feature, you can load raw photos in Photolemur, and automatically adjust the colors, and other features of the photo.

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Final Thought

Photolemur is excellent photo editor and enhancement software and it is very fascinating how it automatically edits photos with accuracy. This software is suitable for those people who do not want any stress of picking between different options when enhancing images, and with the automatic image enhancement that Photolemur offers, they are given the comfort they desire. Use Photolemur for your image enhancement and you are sure to get a wonderful experience.

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