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Photo editing has turned out to be one of the latest activities among both the professional and amateur photographers. People try to add the extra efforts into the photo to make it more perfect and eliminate any flaw that may have been captured during the capture of the image as a whole. A lot of software has come up in the market and recently, a few of them have gained a lot of popularity. Adobe Photoshop has been in the market for a long time now. Apart from it, other software programs related to photo editing are also rising in the market that have made the editing task much simpler than before.

Movavi Photo Editor is one such powerful editor that has been successful in collecting its popularity in very short time. This is especially because of the interesting features and options that it comes with. Below mentioned are some of the best features of the software. Let us take a look at what makes the Movavi photo editor one of the top choices in the market.

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Features of Movavi Photo Editor

Clean and neat UI

It is one of the prime things that help any software to earn a lot of fans. The ease of use is one of the biggest reasons for the increased users of the software. It is further reinforces by the well guided 8-step tutorial that concentrates on making the program even more responsive and intuitive. That makes it one of the most ideal products in the market for amateurs.

movavi photo editor home

Magic enhance

This is no doubt one of the top features that this software can offer to the users. It is the best and easiest way to enhance the photos and improve the resolution of the images. It makes use of the algorithm of the software once you choose the image. All the enhancing just let you wait for a few seconds before the photo enhancer takes care of the photo. It will enlighten some of the image pixels using enhanced contrast and brightness. It may even play with saturation to increase the beauty of the images.

movavi photo editor adjust brush

Change the background of the images

This is another one of the most efficiently features that this software comes with. You can totally remove the background of the photos or change the background with a new one you want. It will also help you to deal with photobombs without much effort. All it takes is a single click to get the solutions to change the background of the images.

movavi change background

Object removal

Though this feature is quite similar to the option mentioned above, you can use this feature to further enhance the photo quality by omitting any objects that are blurred or hazy. You can use the brush tools to highlight the object you want to remove and get started with the erasing option. In this way, you can easily remove unwanted objects from the photo. To make it even finer, try to pay more attention to the detailing of the object removal process. If you spend some time with the software, you are sure to develop your skills.

movavi object removal

Touch up

As described by the name, this feature allows the user to make some things in the image that will automatically help it to look better. This can be used to solve the cases of improper light conditions as prevalent during the time of the photograph or skin tone that might not just be perfect. This feature will allow users to enhance their body parts such as eyes, skin, hair color and even allows face slimming. You can simply use this feature to remove blemishes, wrinkles and unnecessary shine. It can also be used to improve blushing or add a foundation or any other beautification purpose of the images.

movavi retouching brush

movavi fix red eye

Highlights, watermarks, and texts

While this feature is common to a lot of apps, it helps to add texts or any other items to the images. You can look forward to using some great filters on the images or use varying fonts. You can freely control the direction of the appearance of the font. You can even customize the image with watermarks to keep track of which photo is fake and which is real.

movavi text

Pros & Cons


· It is one of the most effective tools in the market that are used to remove objects from photos.
· It provides with some of the simplest options for aiding the editing process of any kind of photos.
· Editing with this software is very easy and fast.
· Using this software is very simple and straightforward and offers guided instruction for the first-timers.
· It comes with an intuitive User Interface that provides a clean and innovative platform for the users that can immediately grab their attention.
· It offers support features in many languages.
· You can directly share the photos you edited using the software on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


· It lacks many features that could make it even more interesting. While it is ideal to cater to the needs of the general user, it is not that good an option for the pro users who want to use this software for commercial purposes.
· It consists of no tools that can help in the organization of tasks.
· You cannot add texts or images to create layers in the photos. You cannot use other things for the purpose either.
· You are allowed to work with a single image at any given point of time.


These are all you need to know about the Movavi Photo Editor. It comes at a minimal price that makes it a great option for those who are just starting up to explore the world of photo editing. It helps them to sharpen their skills and come up with ideas to enhance the images with minimal effort. If you are really passionate about it, then you should consider using the photo editor to gradually become more adept in the photo editing world and gain more popularity within a short time.

Free Download  Free Download

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