NordVPN Review (2019): Best VPN App

If you want to use your internet data with full freedom and advanced security, you are in the right place. Here we have come up with the best VPN app: NordVPN. Either you are using a public Wi-Fi or a personal or work account on a road, NordVPN gives you peace whenever and wherever you use it. Nobody can get hands on your internet data. You are totally safe and secure with private and encrypted access to the internet.

NordVPN – The Best VPN App in 2019

No matter whatever device you are using, NordVPN is there for you. It comes with encrypted proxy extensions for chrome. And the most remarkable point is that you can secure 6 devices at a time with just one account of this app.
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Important Features of NordVPN

1. Security

security safe nordvpn

Cybersecurity may seem typical but it’s an easier way to secure your device from malware and hackers and blocks ads. The feature also offers a filter for malicious sites.
2. Kill Switch

kill switch nordvpn

The app is from those few VPNs that offer two different kill switches. This prevents your regular traffic to be exposed and blocks traffic if the connection drops.
· App kill switch: This won’t block any traffic but stops applications.
· Internet kill switch: This will block all traffic.
3. Onion Over VPN
NordVPN has 3 server locations which are an exit onto the onion network: Netherlands, Sweden and Latvia.
4. Double VPN

double vpn nordvpn

A multi-hop VPN helps to add more protection and has many advantages compared to a single VPN. The drawback is that you won’t be able to create your own multi-hop configuration. The app offers 16 double hop VPN. But this will also slow your performance.
5. Open VPN
The app has raised its standards of security and protection so high. The encryption algorithms are beyond expectations.
6. Smart Play
Get amazing access to streaming services by NordVPN. You can access more than 400 services including Netflix as well.
Some Other Features
· Protects from DNS leaks
· Strict policy for no logs
· Unlimited speed

24/7 Assistance
One of the best parts is its customer support system. It is an award-winning feature that makes this app different from other VPN apps. The professional agents are there to support and help you anytime, any day. If you have any minor or major issues, go for NordVPN customer support center. They will definitely serve you the best.

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Different Servers
· Dedicated IP servers
· Double VPN servers
· Obfuscated servers
· Onion over VPN servers
· P2P servers
· Standard VPN servers

Final Verdict

The NordVPN app is one of the best VPN apps. It is the app that offers low pricing but with high-quality performance. It comes with blazing speed and high-security features. The app is far better than other apps and helps you with your everyday internet use. In a simpler and easier way, you can do whatever you want with protection and facilities. The app can be used for any device you want.

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