Ivacy VPN Review: Cheapest VPN in 2020

Ivacy VPN is a VPN facility, which is the creator of Split Tunneling feature. It enables you to have complete online freedom as well as full security. PMG Private Limited runs the Ivacy operation. You can call it the secret company. Ivacy is like the invisibility cloak. No one can see you, detect you or attack you if you have the Ivacy cloak.
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Features of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN provides you many useful features that help you a lot.
· Unlimited Server Switching: There is no limit. You can switch as many as you want.
· VPN Configuration: A fully secure connection without interruptions.
· P2P File Sharing Support: Unlimited support.
· Unlimited Data Transfer: Seamless transfer of data.
· Split Tunneling: Prioritize our data with secure channeling.
· Anonymous Browsing: No need to worry about snoopers.
· Anonymous Torrenting: Download whatever, whenever. No tracks or footprints.
· Private Streaming: Fully secure and anonymous.
· Public Wi-Fi Security: Keeps you from all threats and viruses.
· 256-Bit Data Encryption: One of the highly secured methods.
· Identity Theft Protection: No one can hack your data and use for illegal purposes.
· Internet Kill Switch: Get disconnected from the internet in a second to prevent any hacking.
· Secure DNS: No security limitations.
· No Logs: No footprint or trace.
· IPv6 Leak Protection: High and guaranteed security.

Pros of the Ivacy VPN

1. All Diverse Desires Met with One Single Program
No matter what you are doing online, good or bad, it needs privacy. Every user needs their own privacy. No one likes a glasshouse. When you are on the Internet, all users need security, privacy, all websites available, no blockers as well as full anonymity. How cool it would be to get all this with just one program. Ivacy VPN is the one you should have a try. All these services are available with Ivacy VPN. It ensures that you leave no footprint behind of your browsing. You are safe as well as anonymous.

2. Protection for Multiple Programs
Ivacy VPN protects almost all operating systems that are popular at the moment, but not only that it’s perfect for gaming as well. Other than Android, Mac, and Linux it’s also compatible with and it extends its services to Blackberry, Xbox and so on. It keeps the users from getting attacked by a virus as well as data leaks. Don’t worry about what kind of a device you are using, it protects almost all from such threats.

3. Seamless And Unlimited Data Sharing
Getting Ivacy VPN will help you transfer your data seamlessly and also unlimitedly. You can share as much as you want with your mates and friends without worrying about the limit or interruption.

4. Split Tunneling
It also offers the service of split-tunneling to its users, which enables them to prioritize their data traffic. Prioritizing means you can put sensitive information and data at the Ivacy channel and secure it fully and get the other data from the regular channels.

5. Smart Resolve Configuration
The interface of Ivacy has the following aspects or factors:
· Browsing
· Torrenting
· Downloading
· Streaming
· Unblocking

Users can take advantage of these factors and stay at peace, without worrying about any kind of privacy breach. There will be no snooping from anywhere or anyone.

6. Military-Grade Full Sealed Protection
Cybercrime is a huge reality. These criminals don’t just steal your financial information or your data, but also your identity and social security numbers and such. This can get you in huge trouble, and there will be no proving your innocence, which is the reason why protection is inevitable. And not just any protection, a foolproof one that will keep you guarded against all angles. Your browsing will become as strong as a fortress.

7. Internet Kill Switch
The internet kill switch enables the user to disconnect from the internet if ever they are disconnected from the Ivacy services. A minute is enough for cybercriminals to attacked and hack. Which is why this switch is vital.

8. Inexpensive
Compared to all the epic services Ivacy VPN provides, the cost of Ivacy is pretty cheap.

9. Unblock Netflix
If you are a Netflix fan, good news. Ivacy will be helpful for you to unblock the restrictions of Netflix. It allows you to unblock Netflix in 7 regions including the US, France, Japan, UK, Australia, Germany & Canada on your device.

10. Customer Service
Customer service is one factor that builds or tarnishes the image of a company. Fortunately for the users of Ivacy, the customer service they provide is highly efficient. All your queries are answered in a short time.


1. No Compatibility with TOR/Proxy
This isn’t a big deal to some but it can be a massive issue for others. No third-party proxies are accommodated or compatible with Ivacy VPN. This is the level of extreme security.

2. Money-Back Guarantee and Its Reality
Though they allow you to get your refund, there are many conditions. Such as:
· No other claim has been made regarding this policy.
· If you have consumed over 500MB, you aren’t valid for this.
· If you have paid through BitCoin, Coin Payments and BitPay you aren’t valid for a refund.

3. Cost of Ivacy
Here’s how it all breaks down:

Ivacy VPN Package Price Buy Now
1 Month License $9.95/month [maxbutton id="3" url="" window="new" nofollow="true" ]
1 Year License $3.33/month ($40) [maxbutton id="3" url="" window="new" nofollow="true" ]
5 Year License $0.99/month ($60) [maxbutton id="3" url="" window="new" nofollow="true" ]

Compatibilities of Ivacy VPN

ivacy vpn devices

Almost all popular and common operating systems can accommodate Ivacy, such as macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS as well as Android. The service not only enables the users for these operating systems full security and protector but also it enables safe gaming for Xbox users, fully protecting chrome browsing as well as Kodi streaming.

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This kind of high-level security gives the user the peace of mind to work online. It gives you the comfort and eases any user needs to work. All this is because of the services of Ivacy that protect all your sensitive data as well as privacy. This is needed to keep all cyberbullying, hacking as well as a threat at bay.


If you are looking for a compatible and competent security program that gives you speed as well as anonymity, Ivacy is perfect for you. But if you want to find a VPN working with Netflix, or a VPN compatible with the proxy, you should try NordVPN and ExpressVPN instead of Ivacy VPN.

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