CyberGhost VPN Review 2020 – Safest & Cheapest

When business owners choose to work with certain VPN, the complete web traffic on their platform is routed through the specially designed encrypted tunnel of the VPN service provider company. Hence, all your data travels through a safe path; others cannot intercept secure information from your channels. VPN also assists in hiring the identity of an individual online by simply modifying the actual IP address to the Virtual IP address of the VPN server.
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The market these days is loaded with a wide range of options for VPN services. However, growing businesses are always advised to choose the most reliable platform to meet their needs. Well, one of the best choices in the overly crowded market is CyberGhost. This VPN provider is a Romanian company that was founded in the year 2011. If we look at history, they are one among the fastest grown VPNs in the industry with a great focus on usability, value pricing, and server selection as well. Presently, CyberGhost VPN is serving more than 90 countries with 3600 plus servers, and they work perfectly on a wide range of gadgets including Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android platforms. With CyberGhost VPN, users can establish 7 connections at a time while enjoying the P2P approach with lots of complementary features.

Those who are interested in collecting in-depth knowledge about CyberGhost VPN to make an easy decision about the purchase are advised to go through the CyberGhost VPN review below.

Features of CyberGhost VPN

The company covers all the basics very well with the extensive feature set, speedy support system and more than 3000 servers all over the world. One of the biggest benefits of using CyberGhost VPN is that it offers great support for torrenting without posing any limit on bandwidth. Several versions of CyberGhost have been released in the past few years, and the latest and the most advanced one is VPN 7.0. The privacy level of this version is quite high as it follows strong 256-AES encryption while offering a great option for protocols such as IKEv2, L2TP and OpenVPN.

cyberghost vpn devices

You will be happy to know that CyberGhost provides great support for almost all platforms including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows as well. It offers a browser extension for the Chrome platform along with feature-rich software for Android TV and Amazon Fire Stick. Although CyberGhost VPN does not support routers and Linux platforms, you can access VPN services on these devices by using IPSec, L2TP and OpenVPN codes. Another major highlight of CyberGhost is its talk-based app. Experts love this platform more because, with this system, server selection is not guesswork anymore; rather you can enjoy the automated connection to the best server available.

CyberGhost VPN is also a great choice to enjoy Geo-restricted content. You can watch anything, at any time with an anonymous IP. It means you can easily enjoy the best collections from YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Netflix as well. People find CyberGhost software easier to use with its One-Click connect system. It is easy to customize service for higher privacy with the Smart Rules. One can adjust settings for auto-connect, activation of VPN and for streaming and torrenting as well. Other than this, CyberGhost offers a huge set of extras as well. It can easily block malicious websites, trackers, and ads as well.

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The automated HTTPS redirection helps to establish a secure connection on the system. Beginners find this VPN service easier to use because they offer 24×7 hour support through email and online chat. It works in four different languages so users can ask their queries with ease. Also, it doesn’t follow any strict policy for logs; the data stays transparent and safe as well. However, some people find its interface a little complicated, but its incredible features make it all work fine.

Is CyberGhost VPN Safe?

cyberghost vpn safe

CyberGhost VPN comes with AES 256-BIT Encryption ability. The data traveling through its tunnels are protected by applying MD5 for HMAC authentication and 2048-BIT RSA key. Experts reveal that CyberGhost follows the perfect strategy to ensure higher safety. The Perfect Forward Secrecy tool keeps on generating new private keys for each login so that your search history and identity stay protected even if the connection gets compromised.

OpenVPN is a default protocol; however, it can be easily switched to PPTP or L2TP. Moreover, the company claims not to keep active logs for the user information; they clear every detail time to time to deal with the security and privacy issues more strictly. Although experts say that no VPN can be 100% secure, you can rely on the incredible security arrangements of CyberGhost.

How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN?

How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN on Android

· In order to run CyberGhost on Android device, make sure your Tablet PC or smartphone is loaded with Android 4.4 or above.
· Simply open Google Play store on your handset and then initiate a search for CyberGhost VPN.
· Hit the Install button on the screen.
· Once installed, hit the open button.
· Allow VPN Access on your system and then tap on the OK button. The app will be ready to work for you.

How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN on iPhone

· CyberGhost is compatible with iOS version 9.3 and higher.
· Visit iTunes Store and download CyberGhost VPN on your device.
· iOS will ask you to allow access to push notifications and to the VPN. Confirm the access to establish a connection.
· Now you can start the app by tapping on the icon.
· On start, the app will ask the user to permit launch VPN connections; hit on “Allow VPN Access” button and proceed.
· Then Allow the system to Add VPN configurations and enable notifications.

How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN on Mac

· CyberGhost is designed to serve users on Mac OS x 10.12 version and the newer OS as well. However, users need around 70MB space in the hard drive to run this app.
· Download CyberGhost on Mac device by following onscreen instructions.
· When asked, put your login credentials in the form of macOS Password and Username.
· Now grant permission to run CyberGhost on your VPN servers.
· Allow keychain access and enter the MacOS account password in the field available on the screen.
· Hit the Allow button and your app are ready to use.

How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN on Windows

· Go to the official website of CyberGhost and install the app on your system.
· The app will be opened automatically.
· If you have a subscription for a premium account: log in with your credentials.
· In case if you are using the trial version, enter your email address and assign a password. Agree to the terms and privacy policy and then sign up.
· Confirm your login by clicking on the confirmation link available in the email inbox.
· Go back to the app and log in again with the new username and password.
· Your app is ready to work now.


CyberGhost offers a short 24 hours free trial to users so that they can avail basic idea about features. Further, if you choose a long plan for 2 or 3 years, it comes with 45 days money-back guarantee whereas, for the monthly plan, it is limited to 14 days only.

In case if you choose a monthly plan, it will cost $12.99 per month, and it is expensive as compared to other options in the market. But it is possible to save more with the long-term plans. You can go ahead with the 3 years commitment that costs only $2.75 per month. If we compare the pricing options available with CyberGhost VPN:
· Monthly plan costs $159.88 per year with a monthly payment of $12.99.
· If you choose the one-year plan, it will cost somewhere around $71.88 with $5.99 per month payment.
· Whereas the most budget-friendly offer comes with a $99.00 price tag for 3 years that cost only $2.75 per month.

CyberGhost VPN Package Price Buy Now
1 Month License $12.99/month [maxbutton id="3" url="" window="new" nofollow="true" ]
1 Year License $5.99/month ($71.88) [maxbutton id="3" url="" window="new" nofollow="true" ]
2 Year License $3.69/month ($88.56) [maxbutton id="3" url="" window="new" nofollow="true" ]
3 Year License $2.75/month ($99.00) [maxbutton id="3" url="" window="new" nofollow="true" ]

There are a number of options for payment; you can choose cash, BitPay, PayPal or credit, and debit options as well.


There are lots of amazing things to like about CyberGhost VPN. This big brand offers a huge network of servers with robust security features so that users can ensure complete privacy for their content. The recently designed app is also easy to use. It is possible to enjoy seven simultaneous connections with ease. You will be happy to hear that CyberGhost VPN also focuses on streaming video data. Moreover, all these services are available at a reasonable price.

Those who are looking for a short-term plan may find it a little expensive but when you are planning to stay in the industry for the long run, CyberGhost VPN can serve you better with its wide range of features and solid performance. Note that, its leak-free system works perfectly with TOR, Netflix, and torrenting services as well. CyberGhost VPN has received many great reviews from the existing users in the market, and now it’s your turn to give it a try.

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