SmallPDF Review: Best Online PDF Converter for Windows and Mac

As PDF is widely used in school, company and daily life, it is important for us. PDF Converter is also a good partner for you anywhere and anytime. As you want to edit a PDF file, you are not able to do it and you want the file can be a word document. As you want to send some pages of the PDF file, you are not able to do it and you want to extract several pages in one PDF.

It is more convenient that you can convert, edit and optimize PDF files online so that you don’t need to pre-install software or applications on your Windows/Mac computer. Especially it will take up the storage of your computer disk. SmallPDF provides a complete PDF solution to convert files between PDF and Office, JPG, PNG and edit, compress, split, merge, sign, protect and unlock PDF so I think it is the best & free online PDF Converter & Editor solution. Why not have a try.

Start SmallPDF

Convert PDF to Office/Images and Vice Versa

SmallPDF can convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG/PNG fast and efficiently. Just choose your PDF file, and it will upload it automatically. It supports to batch convert if you are using SmallPDF Pro – the purchase version. In less than 1 minute, the conversation is completed and you can download it to your computer. In addition, it supports choose PDF from Google Drive and Dropbox, and save the files converted to Google Drive and Dropbox as well.

Edit PDF

SmallPDF provides a simple online way to add text, images, shape and draw the PDF file so that you don’t need to do those tasks in a professional PDF Editor software. It does really save your time to edit online and save a new version of your PDF.

smallpdf edit pdf

Rotate PDF

You can upload one PDF file or multiple PDF files to rotate together. You can rotate left or right by 90 degrees. If you rotate serveral PDFs, it will merge in one PDF file at last.

Compress PDF

If your PDF contains many pages, its size will be large. In this case, you will want to get some PDF, but its size can be reduced. You are supposed to try Smallpdf to compress your PDF files to reduce their sizes. Even you can compress the size of more than 50%.

Splite PDF

Wtih Smallpdf, you can splite one PDF file in a invidival page or extract selected pages into one new PDF file. It makes your PDF file simple and small.

Merge PDFs

Once you want to make some PDF files into one PDF, you will need to merge those PDFs. When you upload your PDF files, there are two modes for you to select – Page Mode and File Mode. Page Mode is for page selecting, and File Mode is for file combining.

Unlock PDF

When you have got a password-protected PDF, can the password be removed? Most files with a password can be unlocked instantly. However, if the file is thoroughly encrypted, you can only unlock it with the correct password. That means not all password protections can be unlocked. Just upload your PDF file to SmallPDF to try to unlock and download the unlocked PDF.

Protect PDF

If you don’t want everyone can read the PDF files, you can make a password to encrypt your PDFs online by SmallPDF. SmallPDF thoroughly encrypts the PDF files so that it would take thousands of years to crack the password with a regular computer. So only the person given a password by you can read your PDF files. It is a great way to protect your privacy and right, as well as your PDFs safety.

Note: for a very secure password, you are recommended using a non-dictionary word of 7 characters or more. Also include numeric characters, capital letters and symbols.

eSign PDF

If you need to Sign in a PDF file, you can create your electronic signature by using your touchpad or mouse and apply it to the desired place on your PDF. After previewing, you can easily download the signed PDF. If you are the SmallPDF pro user, you can even save the electronic signatures you created and reuse them. There is no need to generate a new signature each time you sign a document.

Delete PDF Pages

You can delete selected pages of the PDF file and get a new PDF file.

Free Trial & Pricing

As SmallPDF is a free online solution, you can use it to convert, compress, split, merge and edit free but there are ads on the website. And the file amount that you can free convert, edit, split, merge, compress, unlock, protect is just two files in one hour. If you want to use again after your free usage is over, you need to wait for one hour later or get the pro version to get unlimited access. If you want to save time, a SmallPDF pro user is a nice choice. It costs you $6 monthly or $72 annually, and you will get the features below:

  • Unlimited Access: Process unlimited files as you need on all Smallpdf tools. No more limitations on web and desktop.
  • Work offline: Enjoy unlimited use of Smallpdf Desktop, our ever-growing suite of offline tools.
  • No Ads: Stay focused on your work and enjoy our streamlined, distraction-free experience.
  • Save your signature: Effortlessly create your digital signature to sign documents online, in seconds.
  • Connected Functions: Process multiple files at the same time and use several tools in a row.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee: Get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service.


SmallPDF is the best online PDF solution. It is simple and easy-to-use. You can convert and edit the PDF files no matter on Windows, Mac or Linux. Meanwhile, you can download the Windows software or Mac Application to use SmallPDF offline. As a web application, all the PDF solutions take place in the cloud and will not consume any capacity from your own computer. All files and passwords are transferred using secure SSL connections so that it is secured and safe. Files are deleted permanently after one hour. And any passwords are deleted instantly after processing.

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