Gemini 2 Review: Delete Duplicate & Similar Files on Mac

Although Apple releases a new MacBook Pro with a larger storage SSD which can be configurable to 1TB/2TB, 128GB, and 256GB SSD are still the most popular. No matter whether you are a Windows computer user or a Mac user, there will be more and more duplicate files left on the computer when you use it. In this case, for a Mac computer user, what is especially problematic to him, that is there is no extra disk space to save those duplicate files. If your Mac’s storage is 128GB, it will be a very serious problem to delete the duplicate files to free up the disk space, which takes up megabytes and gigabytes of memory and clutter your Mac. Or you can choose another way to upgrade your SSD to a larger one by a couple of hundred dollars.

Now if you think the storage of your Mac or MacBook is enough for your daily use, just take a few minutes here to get more information about MacPaw Gemini 2 to help you delete duplicate files.

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Is Gemini 2 Safe to Use?

As MacPaw releases many powerful Mac Apps, such as CleanMyMac 3, Gemini 2, Setapp, etc,. Almost all its products are popular with Mac users and get wonderful customers reviews. If you have installed some Antivirus apps, you will find that Gemini 2 is safe to use without any suspicious operations. Besides, when you want to delete duplicate files, Gemini 2 will think of all files as important files and pop up a window for you to click “Remove”. The files will be moved to Trash so that you can get them back once you want to restore them. Now you can use Gemini 2 with confidence. It is quite safe for Mac and safe for deleting files.

What Does MacPaw Gemini 2 Do?

MacPaw Gemini 2 is fairly straightforward in that it finds duplicate and similar files on Mac. With Gemini 2, you can also compare similar files and photos to decide if you don’t need them, remove copies of photos taken during burst mode, and removes duplicate iTunes listings. Let’s take a glance at Gemini 2 Review below.

Scan and Delete Duplicates

First, download Gemini 2 and install it. You’ll see its main interface below after launching it. To get started, click “+” to choose the folder you want to scan and click the green button – “Scan for Duplicates” on the right. You can also drag and drop the folder into the application to add the folder for scanning. As Gemini 2 can find duplicate files including documents, iTunes songs, and photos, there are three folder types you can choose – “Home Folder“, “Music Folder” and “Pictures Folder“.

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gemini launch screen

gemini drag dropgemini scan

When scanning, Gemini 2 will first start estimating and building the folder map. It takes seconds to finish the estimating. Then the scan process will start, and the progress bar started to move slowly, with more duplicate files being scanned and found. The scanning may take several minutes. The processing time depends on the folder structure, files size, and files amount.

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Note: While scanning, MacPaw Gemini 2 will slow the Mac down. Because it needs to take up a lot of CPU and memory resources. It will influence your Mac performance. Don’t launch too many applications or do important processes when using Gemini 2 to scan. If you can close the applications you don’t use, that would be better for the scan process.

gemini estimating progressgemini scanning progress

gemini complete scanning

When the scanning is finished, you can choose “Review Duplicates” to check the duplicate files and similar files. If you want Gemini 2 to do the deletion itself, “Smart Delete” lets you delete all duplicates easily just with one click. If you are a new Gemini 2 user, I strongly recommend you take time to review the duplicate files, even if it will cost you too much time. Because MacPaw Gemini 2 will optimize its algorithm by your deletion habits, and make the “Smart Deletion” better and better for you.

gemini view images

Of course, you can review similar files as well. Gemini 2 shows all the similar not the same files to you so that you can check details. And you can make sure whether you need to keep it or not. As you finish the review, you can delete all your selected duplicate and similar files. And all files are removed to Trash. If you are confident to delete them, you can empty the Trash to delete them completely. But if you find that you delete some files by mistake, you can click the “Review Trashed” button or go to Trash to retrieve them to the original location.

gemini view similar

As mentioned, you can delete duplicate and similar files, including documents, songs, and photos. Especially you may copy your photos to other folders, or you may receive the same pictures again and again. Gemini 2 is a great tool to help you find them out and free up the disk space.

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gemini delete filesgemini finish removing

Free Trial & Pricing

Gemini 2 isn’t freeware but shareware. You can free download and install it to have a try with the limitation – to remove approximately 500MB of duplicate files. Once you exceed the file size of the 500MB limit, you have to purchase an activation code to unlock the full version.

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When you’re using the trial version of Gemini 2, it shows a yellow box “Unlock Full Version” on the upper-right of the main interface once you launch the application. It will disappear once you purchase the activation code for the full version.

MacPaw provides three packages for Gemini 2 users. You can choose the suitable one for yourself, which depends on the number of Mac machines you want to use Gemini 2. Here is the price below (based on US Dollars):

  1. Single License: $19.95
  2. License for 2 Macs: $29.95 (Saving $9.95)
  3. License for 5 Macs: $44.95 (Saving $54.80)
Gemini 2 Lisence Device Price
Single License for 1 Mac $19.95
License for 2 Macs One License that can be used on 2 Macs $29.95 (Save $9.95)
License for 5 Macs One License that can be used on up to 5 Macs $44.95 (Save $54.80)
Upgrade to Gemini 2 Users of previous versions of Gemini can upgrade to Gemini 2 at 50% off. $9.95

What things you may want

  • Easy to Use: Gemini is designed to be simple for deleting duplicate files in a few clicks. Scan & view duplicates and then remove them to Trash. Everyone can use Gemini 2.
  • Effectiveness: Gemini is smart. It can easily tell copies from originals. It knows which files should be kept. Its algorithm remembers what you delete and what you choose to keep so that it will be smarter and smarter by your uninterrupted use.
  • Wonderful UI: Many Mac users love Gemini 2 user interface. And Gemini 2 has won the Red Dot Award for UI Design to gain more appreciation.


MacPaw Gemini 2 is a powerful app for detecting duplicate and similar files on Mac, iMac, and MacBook. If you use your Mac computer for a while, Gemini 2 can be a must-install program for you to optimize your Mac storage, instead of changing your disk to a larger one. And the most important thing is, if you delete all duplicate files and photos when you want to find one document, you can find it very fast. Because there are no more duplicate and similar files you need to confirm what you want at that time you use Gemini 2.

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