CCleaner for Mac: Best Free Mac Cleaner App

Do you usually get bothered by the slow and unfluent system and the redundant garbage too much to clean up? CCleaner for Mac is a very useful Mac Cleaner app. CCleaner for Mac is mainly used to clean up junk files on Mac that are no longer used by the system to free up more hard disk space on your Mac. Another major function of CCleaner Pro is to clear users’ browser history on Mac. CCleaner is small in size and runs fast in speed. It can clean up temporary folders, system log files, history, trash bins, etc. and scan the registry for the garbage item to clean up.

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Functional Highlights of CCleaner for Mac

1. Make Your Mac Faster
Mac runs slower and slower because garbage and unused files will occupy the hard disk just like Windows. In this case, you can just look for and delete these files in one click to make your Mac run faster. With CCleaner, you can easily manage the start-up items and accelerate the start-up time.

2. Clear The Clutter
CCleaner can help you clean up the old messy Mac, including clearing up the Trash bins, temporary files & folders, and fix damaged permissions, etc. Even you can remove unwanted apps on Mac just in one click.

3. Browse Safely
As advertisers and websites use Cookie on your computer to track your actions online, CCleaner can clear your browser’s search history, cookies and privacy information, so any internet browsing you do is confidential and your identity remains anonymous.

4. Fully Custom
Cleaner for Mac can provide you with the full flexible cleanup that you need. Select what you want to clean up, include or exclude custom files or folders, and then select the cookies you want to keep or delete.

Features of CCleaner for Mac

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CCleaner for Mac is one of the best Mac Cleaner apps. It can protect your privacy and make your computer faster and safer! Outdated applications pose a security risk. Old programs may have vulnerabilities that can be quickly found and shared among cybercriminals. Don’t be worried! CCleaner for Mac can automatically update your applications to avoid the security vulnerabilities before finding them.

By millions of people’s favors and widely praised, CCleaner is the world’s most popular PC optimization tool! It is easy to use and offers one-click cleaning, so beginners can optimize their computer in seconds. In addition, it provides advanced functions for advanced users.


CCleaner is a Mac Cleaner app which is highly valued by users. It can effectively and safely find and clean up the files that are not needed in the system. Mac users only need to download CCleaner for Mac and free up the hard disk space in a few clicks, which is a very powerful tool. People in need cannot miss it!

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