How to Free up Disk Space on Mac

Are you struggling with full disk space on your Mac? This is probably the most common problem faced by all Mac users collectively, no matter which Mac you are using, such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac and iMac Pro. Apple is gearing up to launch something effective to deal with the uncongenial situation, but obviously, it will take some time. We can’t wait for the months or years to free up the Mac space.

You will be glad to know that there are hundreds of ways that will help you in freeing up space on Mac. Are you curious to know them? If yes, then stay tuned because we are going to introduce some easy, catchy, effective and quick ways of freeing up space on Mac! We can understand this irritating situation when Mac space gets dangerously close, but we want to tell you that there are ways to get rid of this problem without deleting your favorite videos, important files, and significant documents.

How to Check Disk Space on Mac

You should keep a strict check on your Mac space to avoid the inconvenient situation of full storage. If you are going to download a huge application, program or any file but you are not sure whether the required space is available on your Mac or not then follow the steps below to discover the free space.

On the off chance that you might want to have an outline of your free circle space consistently from the Finder, you can turn on the Finder’s status bar.

    • First of all, open a Finder window, on the off chance that you don’t have one then open as of now. You have to select the Finder’s Dock symbol, or you can go to File > New Finder Window.
    • Now select the View menu and open Show status bar option. It will demonstrate to you what number of things is in the present envelope, and in case you’re seeing an organizer on your hard drive, (for example, your Applications or Documents envelope), you’ll additionally get a readout of your hard drive’s free space.

check hard disk storage

How to Free up Disk Space on Mac (The Best Way)

After checking the hard disk storage on your Mac, how can you free up disk space on Mac if you find your disk is full? The best and efficient way to free up disk space is using Mac Cleaner, which is designed to free up your Mac, clear Cache on Mac, optimize your Mac, improve Mac’s performance and empty trash bins on Mac just in one click. It is smart and easy to use. You can download and free to try.

Step 1. Install Mac Cleaner
Download Mac Cleaner to your Mac and install it.

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Step 2. Scan Your Mac
After installing, start to “Smart Scan” to analyze your Mac. It will look for all unneeded junk files over every corner of your hard disk.

cleanmymac x smart scan

Step 3. Free up Your Mac
The scanning process takes several minutes to find the unnecessary files of system junk, photo junk and trash bins. You can review the details of the junk files and make sure you can delete all of them. Then just run the deletion.
smart scan complete
Note: If you want to delete more junk files, you can start every “Cleanup” option to scan every junk and delete them one by one.
With these simple steps, you can get more space on your Mac and make your Mac faster than before. It is quick efficient and fast. Why not free up your Mac every day morning and then start a good day?

Tips to Free up Disk Space on Mac

Once you have found out that your Mac has only a few spaces left and that is not enough to accommodate a large file that you are looking to download, avail options to free up space. We are going to reveal some easiest ways to free up space so that you could install all your required apps and enjoy the non-stop gaming sessions without fear of low storage!

It’s Time to Sweep Your Download Folder

To be honest, the folder of Downloads or on a Mac is just trash of documents. Once you have done with them, you don’t delete then instantly, and as a result, they remain there for a longer period.

Keep in mind, nearly all that you download from any Internet browser gets slipped into the general Downloads folder as well. Sometimes, it incorporates records sent to you through different applications too. That’s why we are recommending you to keep a strict check on your Download folder. Save those important documents which you need in the future and get rid of all such documents which you don’t need further.

A Quick Review of All the Downloaded Apps

Check your applications organizer that is also known as Launchpad and erase any applications you haven’t opened as of late. Let me tell you that if you acquired any of the apps from the Mac App Store, you can re-download them at whatever point you’d like at no expense to you, to eliminate your anxiety about how I will get them back if I needed them in future.
On the off chance that you bought them outside the Mac App Store, simply make certain you’ll have an approach to get them again later.

Get Rid of All the Duplicated Photos

A large number of duplicated photos and files occupy lots of storage of hard disk. So you are supposed to erase the old iPhoto libraries and delete the duplicated photos from iPhoto. In case you’re utilizing the new Photos application on your Mac, your photographs will be copied. Get rid of all the extra libraries on your Mac as soon as possible because they are consuming the storage more than anything else.

Get Helping Hands of Apps

You will agree with me that we have so many big files on our gadgets without even knowing that we have. Moreover, there are certain files which we don’t need but still keep them on our Mac. Various backups keep on sending files to the external storage and cause a great mess. To deal with all this mess, you can get help from Mac Cleaner which helps you to locate all the large files stored on your Mac.
Mac Cleaner is not difficult to use and highlight where, how and why your storage is getting low. It will draw your attention towards large and old files on your hard drive and will give you helping hands in cleaning them.

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Effective use of iTunes

Like all the other Mac users, you must be purchasing movies and your favorite TV shows from iTunes and then accommodating them on Mac’s Hard drive. But we suggest you watch all the movies and pictures with the aid of iTunes in the cloud rather than downloading them.
Don’t physically download the content rather go for the streaming option with a stable internet connection. Use the downloading option only if you are traveling or you are not sure about the stable internet connection.
To free up space right now, right click on every movie icon and delete it. Even after deleting it from the device, you will be able to stream these deleted files on iTunes without internet connection as well.


We hope that all the ways mentioned above and techniques will help you in dealing with your Mac’s storage. Another important thing that you have to consider while freeing up space is to stay away from all those fake, creepy and dangerous apps and programs which proclaim to be storage cleaners and act as attackers on your Mac. Use the certified apps only and read the reviews, required access and size before installing any program on your Mac.

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