How to Clean Junk Files on Mac

As Apple releases great products to us, such as iPhone, iPad and Mac computer, it gains many fans and users. People love Mac computer for its great design, powerful system and awesome performance. Once you use a Mac, you will find more and more advantages of Mac.

Compared with Windows OS, The Mac operation system is self-cleaning. It means that it can automatically empty the caches at someday and clear temporary files on its own when needed. Although you know this now, maybe you will think in this case, you don’t need any Mac Cleaner application on your Mac. Is that right? I don’t think so. It is very necessary to do the cleaning manually by yourself. It will be a good usage habit for you to keep your Mac clean because you have built this awareness. In addition, when there are many user log files, caches, internet temporary files, useless application files occupying a lot of gigabytes, if Mac doesn’t clean up them, it will seriously slow down your Mac and make you crazy on a Mac with poor performances.

Mac Cleaner will help you not only clean up the junk files, but also optimize your Mac, improve your Mac’s performance, protect your privacy and speed up your Mac. It is an efficient Mac tool you can’t imagine how powerful it is.
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How to Clean Junk Files on Mac

Step 1. Download & Install Mac Cleaner
Firstly, you are supposed to download Mac Cleaner on your Mac, and then finish the installation. It won’t cost much time to install Mac Cleaner, compared with other applications.
Note: Mac Cleaner is well compatible with iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro/mini.
Step 2. Smart Scan Your Mac
After launching Mac Cleaner, you can choose the “Smart Scan” mode to analyze your Mac.

cleanmymac x smart scan

Step 3. Preview & Choose Junk Files to Clean
When processing, Mac Cleaner will scan every corner on your Mac to find the junk files in System Junk, Photo Junk, Mail Attachments, iTunes Junk, Trash Bins, Large & Old files. After finishing the scanning, you can review the results and select the junk files to clean.

smart scan complete
Note: The scanning time depends on how many junk files stored on your Mac. If it takes too much time to scan, you can scan the Cleanup category one by one.
Now you have removed the junks on your Mac. If you find your Mac is still slow, you can get more tips to improve the performance of Mac. Using Mac Cleaner is very easy to free up your Mac and make your Mac as a new one. You are supposed to do the cleaning on Mac every day to make your Mac work smoothly. Besides, Mac Cleaner helps you manage the files on Mac, such as find duplicate files and find Large & Old files. Just have a free try now and start a new use on Mac.

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What’s More – Types of Junk Files on Mac

When your Mac is working, it will generate many kinds of junk files. These files take up your Mac space with gigabytes and most of the time, they are useless. You can get more information about the types of junk files below:

1. System Log Files: Generated by the activities of the system applications and services. Numerous logs will slow your Mac down.

2. System Cache Files: System applications always generate a lot of cache files.

3. Language Files: Many applications on Mac contains language files. If you don’t need other languages, you can remove the language files to free up more space on your Mac.

4. Mail Attachments: More and more mail attachments make your email system burdensome. You can remove the email attachments to keep your Mac fast.

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