What If Your Mac Sound/Speakers Are not Working

What If Your Mac Sound / Speakers Ain’t Working? Did your MacBook Pro sound is not working or just the external speakers are not working properly? No matter your volume keys have changed their colors to muted or your headphone jack goes to the silent mode we will fix it today.

Sometimes you may also disable the sound by using the Mac Volume up/down command. First of all, check that you manually didn’t turn off the volume by using the keyboard shortcuts. If that does not work for you, then you can move to troubleshooting the steps below.

Fixing a Mac Sound / Speakers Ain’t Working

1. Open the Music Player App

First of all try to diagnose the problem, for that you can open your favorite music or video player and play anything. You can open iTunes and play any song. Notice the progress bar is moving or not if it’s moving there must be a sound. If there is no sound on your Mac Book then continue below.

Note: Make sure that you have turned on the volume by using the VolumeUp (F12 Key).

2. Checking Sound Settings

  • From the menu section click on the Apple menu and move to SYSTEM PREFERENCES
  • Next, click on Sound and wait until the dialogue appears.
  • Select the Output tab and click on the option “Internal Speakers”.

What If Your Mac Sound / Speakers Ain’t Working

  • Now you can see the Balance slider at the bottom, use this slider to move right or left and check whether the sound issue is fixed or not.
  • Also, check that the Menu box at the bottom is not enabled.

3. Restart your MacBook

Try to restart your system, as the driver’s processes may be broken and it can be fixed with a restart.

4. Try a Different App to Play Sound

Sometimes sound may be disabled within an app from any internal settings. So, try to play a song or any track on another app or player. This way you can confirm the issue is not with the app and there is something other involved.

5. Remove all Connecting Devices from Ports

Sometimes when you have connected any USB, HDMI, or Thunderbolt. Then remove all those devices, as MacBook may be redirecting sound to these ports automatically.

TIP: Similarly check for headphones also, if the headphone is connected to your Macbook they will not transmit sound to the speakers.

6. Restarting Sound Processes

Open the Activity Monitor and find the process with the name “Coreaudiod”. Select it and click on the (X) icon to stop it, and wait a few seconds until it restarts itself.

7. Reset PRAM

For that, you have to restart your Mac by holding down the Command+Option+P+R buttons at the same time. Keep holding the buttons until the screen chimes after the restart.

8. Update your Mac Software

Try to update the software, sometimes a bug in old versions may be the reason for the sound not working issue on Mac.

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