How to Fix Mac Headphones Not Working Issue?

How to Fix Mac Earphones / Headphones Not Working Issue? Sometimes when you update any software or macOS to the latest version you may find some issues with functionalities. Similarly, some users reported sound and audio jack problems when they updated macOS. The headphones are not working right after the restart during the update installation.

The issue leads to malfunctioning of earphones and sound is completely gone. Moreover, if the keyboard commands are also not responding then the situation becomes more troublesome. To fix the earphones not working issue you take the following steps.

How to Fix Mac Earphones / Headphones Not Working Issue?

First of all, make sure that your sound output is not muted. For that, you can use the system preference settings and navigate to the Sound section then click on it. Here check that all the audio settings are fine, turn up the volume button on higher levels.

How to Fix Mac Earphones / Headphone Not Working Issue?

Follow the below steps to fix missing audio and sound on Mac. This troubleshooting guide works on all macOS works for all sound problems for both internal, external speakers, headphones, and even AirPods.

  • From the top of the screen click on the Apple icon to open “System Preferences” and then click on the “Sound” icon.
  • In the next step, move to the “Output” tab and then select “Internal Speakers” for default sound output.
  • Take a look at other settings, including speaker balance, volume, etc.

Tip: Make it sure that at the bottom you have not enabled the Mute Sound option.

Also, remove all the external devices connected to Mac. This may include HDMI, USB, external speakers, headphones, external USB keyboard, card reader, or anything like that. Mac system can confuse with such a thing and can start sending the Audio output to that connected device.

Therefore remove all connected devices and restart your MacBook. Sometimes even reverse situations can also occur where you have connected external speakers or HDMI cable with TV and get no sound output. In such a scenario, you have to configure a secondary output device by using the same steps mentioned above.

Trying some other Tricks to get back Sound Output in Headphones

If you have tried the above method and still not getting the sound. Then you must try some other steps to fix the problem.

  • Plug your headphones into your MacBook.
  • Next, play any soundtrack, and don’t forget to try different players. For example, you can use iTunes to play one track and then try Youtube to play any track in the browser.
  • If the music starts to play then eject your headphones and see if the speakers start working or not.
  • If the sound is not played in headphones, then there may be a sound driver problem and your device requires a restart.

The given methods here will fix the Mac sound issue for you. Most often the issue is related to sound settings. To fix such a problem you can use the steps above to tweak back sound settings to default values.

If your internal speakers are not working but earphones are working well. Then there may be a problem with your hardware and your MacBook requires some expert to diagnose the problem. You can contact apple support can find a certified repair center nearby to get the problem fixed.

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