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Copy9 is a well-known spy application for Android and iPhone to monitor the smartphone’s activities. It has more than 30 features that help you track SMS, Calls, GPS location, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, BBM, Viber, Skype, and more. What you need to do is just to get access to the target smartphone and install the Copy9 app. It runs in the background with complete stealth. So you won’t be afraid that the spy app will be found.

In addition, you can even listen and record all incoming and outgoing live phone calls to know what they talk about, and remote access through the online control panel and send SMS commands to target devices for a specified action.

What is Copy9

Copy9 offers a safe and convenient way to hack the smartphone and monitor the target phone of children, employees, or couples. It is easy and certain to know what they do every day from the information on their phone.

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Track Text Messages

Trace SMS and trace iMessage (from iOS). You can view all messages including messages deleted in the control panel.

Spy Instant Messengers

You can hack Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. as well as track social online apps such as Viber, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, and Skype on iPhone and rooted Android. For tracking messages (built-in application on devices), it tracks sent/received/deleted messages of the applications including name, telephone number (or sender ID), time, and content of messages.

Note: For the WhatsApp application, you don’t need to root Android devices but it will be late to see new Whatsapp messages. Sometimes it takes from 1 day to 3 days to see new messages on the user control panel.

Track GPS Location

You can view the target mobile’s location on the map, and get its GPS location immediately from the user control panel as well. It shows the GPS coordinates, time, address, and accuracy value of the device where Copy9 was installed.

Manage Calls

Copy9 gives you permission to do various things such as monitor phone calls, view the call history, or record phone calls. You can view all call history including time, duration, and contact name, even some are deleted. You are also able to see all incoming and outgoing phone call information in real time. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

copy9 call history

Phone call recording (for Android)

Copy9 is able to record both incoming and outgoing calls silently. All the recordings are encrypted on your device and encoded in the MP3 file. The call recording file is uploaded using a secure channel to the Copy9 server, and Copy9 allows you to listen to them and download them from your control panel. These Phone Call Recording files are encrypted using your user password so only you will be able to listen to them.

Note: Phone Calls’ Recording is using LAME to encode the audio to the MP3 file. LAME is a free open-source software under an LGPL license and you can find it here: www.mp3dev.org


  • For Android devices: We still have some issues with this feature on some kinds of Android devices and it can record some minutes only. We will release a new improvement soon.
  • For iOS devices: From April 2014, Copy9 temporarily stop this feature on the iOS platform due to some issues on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

View Notes & Multimedia Files

Copy9 allows you to read all notes contents, video recorded, voice memos, and photos captured those are created on the target device silently.

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Monitor Internet Activities

View the history of websites visited on the devices. You can block the websites you do not want to visit.

Record Surroundings

You can hear sound surrounding remotely on a computer when the target device has an internet connection, which is also called Audio Live or Ambient Voice Recording.

Remotely Control

You can access the device remotely through the Copy9 control panel and send SMS commands to target devices to do a specified action below:

  • turn on/off what feature you want;
  • hide Icon from the target’s screen remotely;
  • open save-battery mode;
  • adjust the time interval value for sending data;
  • adjust GPS distance filter value;
  • export data of target device;
  • uninstall Copy9 from the target device remotely;
  • remove the device from your account remotely.

Alerts & Notifications

If the SIM card changes, it will send you a notification silently via text message to let you know the new telephone number.

Read Contact History

With Copy9, you can view all contacts (address books), including telephone numbers stored on mobile devices.

Key Logger

Record all words typed on target devices so you can know even deleted words, and account passwords like Facebook, WhatsApp, iCloud, and so on.

Monitor Apps

You can know all installed applications’ usages on the target device to block the applications you want remotely.

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Auto-answer (Spy call)

You can make a call from your phone to the target phone. It will be automatically answered if the target phone is locked screen. There are no sounds, no vibration, no lights, or any signs to let people know there is an incoming call. If in case the target device is being used (not locked or they are doing something with their phone), the calls will be rejected (like a busy call).


  1. You should buy other telephone numbers to use this feature. For 100% safe if you don’t use your primary phone number.
  2. In some cases, it will show in the billing of the target phone that it is missed calls. That is why we have tip #1.
  3. If you don’t want to be charged from your phone you can use the feature ambient voice record which is using an internet connection to stream surroundings to our server and let you hear directly and lively and even you can download audio files (mp4 file).

Monitor application – TraceYou

TraceYou application lets you view data without visiting the user control panel anymore. It is like a server version of Copy9 which is a client version.

Customer Support

Copy9 offers 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee for five days. Almost feedback will be replied to within 4 hours.

100% undetectable

If you don’t say, no one will know there is Copy9 installed on the device.

Is it legal to use Copy9?

Most spyware is developed with the best intentions, including Copy9. It is not designed for doing harm to someone by breaking and hacking his phone, but to protect himself and someone if you can know more information. Your actions won’t be illegal if you use Copy9 for these purposes below:

  • To Check on the smartphone online activities of your underage child.
  • To track your own Android device and iPhone.
  • To monitor the activities of the employees as they have known the app installed on their phones.

You should understand that all the actions you perform with Copy9 depend on you. If you have some legal issues unresolved, it is recommended to consult your legal advisor.

Free Trial & Pricing

Copy9 offers a 2-day free trial if you are interested. It means that you can install and use Copy9 in two days, and buy it after you confirm it can do what you want.

Before you want to buy, there are three packages you can choose from – Standard, Premium, and GOLD. And all packages contain 4 plans: one month, three months, six months, and twelve months. Of course, if you purchase the 12 months plan, it is the best plan. But if you want to use Copy9 just for a short time, you can choose the right one for you.

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Getting Started with Copy9

As you decide to use Copy9 to track Android phones and iPhones, first purchase the license and install the Copy9 app on the target mobile. And then create the Copy9 account, login in, and start monitoring all the Calls, SMS, Notes, Locations, IM Chats, and More. There is no additional payment needed for creating an account. With this account, you see all the target users’ activity in the user control panel.

Thus, you are supposed to get the entire information about Copy9. If it is what you are looking for, just try it and let it solve your problems.

Lisence Time Price
Standard Lisence 1 Month $21.6
Standard Lisence 3 Months $55
Standard Lisence 6 Months $88
Standard Lisence 12 Months $132
Premium Lisence 1 Month $25.9
Premium Lisence 3 Months $66
Premium Lisence 6 Months $105.6
Premium Lisence 12 Months $158.4
GLOD Lisence 1 Month $30.2
GLOD Lisence 3 Months $77
GLOD Lisence 6 Months $123.2
GLOD Lisence 12 Months $184.8

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