Best Parental Control Apps for Android

If your child using a tablet or smartphone with an internet connection than parental control app is very necessary for yourself. Nowadays everyone used smarts phones even our child also used it. In different school usage of mobile phone and computer are allowed, and even parents allowed their children to keep in touch with children.

But for parents it is really difficult to know about your child is ready to use a smartphone. If they know about what thing is good or bad for them if they can’t then it’s your responsibility to handle that thing. In the past when technology is not too advanced then it’s very difficult for parents to manage all that things, but now technology also solves that problem, with the help of parental control app you control or block all things that you think it’s not good for your child. It is good for all parents whose children using a smartphone, and they don’t have too much time to keep an eye on the activities of their child. Parental control apps tell you about everything that your child did while they are using the internet. So it’s important for all those parents whose children using any technology with the internet like computer smartphones or tablets.

What Is Parental Control?

It’s a software that specially designed for the help of parents, by using this software parents control and block all the unnecessary content that they think that’s not suitable for their children. Internet masters make an application in which you can set all the things for your home devices and in this application, all the guidelines are given that how you can use this and for guiding purpose videos are given in which all the information are given step by step so you can easily use it.

Control types

Controls can sometimes be confused, so for three types of controls parents need to know.

  1. Network level is set to control hub or router and applies to all device associated with this center or router(covering your entire family).
  2. Device level control is automatically set as such a smartphone, and its application will apply how the device is connected to the internet.
  3. Application controls contain applications or platforms that are being used. An example of the setting will be set on YouTube or Google. Check that they are set to your child on every device accessible.

What Controls Do?

Many types of controls are available, and these controls allow parents to do things like:

  • Stopping porn and block all the violence that you don’t want to see your child.
  • Limited what information be shared.
  • Set the time limits of your children about using the Internet.
  • For each family member made a separate profile Therefore according to each member’s requirements, you can easily set the different access level.
  • Give access your child to the internet only in the day time.

Best Parental Control App for Android

There are many apps available for parental control on Android. You can easily find and download these apps on Android. In this article, we will discuss some parental control apps that considered as the best parental control for Android.


mspy reivew

mSpy is one of the best monitoring apps you can use it in a very simple way. This is a paid app you should buy for the full version. First, fill the order form for the subscription of mSpy and select your payment method. After sending a payment, you will receive an email with all the instructions about the installation and link for download. Just click on the link, downloading start and after installing this tracking software on the mobile of your child, create your account and log in. Let’s start monitoring all the things such as text messages, calls, apps, location and all the activities performed in the Android device that attached to this app.

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flexispy review

For all Android version and computers, FlexiSPY is the best software for monitoring purpose. This software tells you about everything that happens on each device’s link with this software. It will give you features for monitoring, and you can’t see that feature on any other software or apps. This app is free and easily available on Android and iPhone. You can use this app for parental control and also use for the monitoring of your employee in the office. With the help of this app, you can know about all online conversation and more things that your child perform while they are using the Internet.
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ESET Parental Control Android

This app helps to monitor all the activities that your child has done on their phone. This app gives access to any website according to the age of the child. With the help of ESET Parental Control Android, you can set and allowed your child to use apps. That you think its usage is not bad for your child and also set their timing. By using this app, you can also locate devices that your children used at any time. ESET Parental Control Android also protect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They give online scanner, and by using this scan you can scan the timelines of your social media account and after scanning automatically lists all threats


Spyzie is one of the needs of your all monitoring solutions, such as calls, WhatsApp content, messages, and all browsing history. This app was supported by all versions of Android and also workable for iOS devices. This service is the safest monitoring service because it secured all your data. You can easily connect it from your social account and also use it for monitoring your staff activities and help to know about your employees.
This is also a paid service, so you can use it after purchasing the full version. Register your account and connect it with your child phone and simply monitoring start automatically


In this article, we will discuss the best parental control for Android and also give information about these apps that used for parental control on Android. So if you want to buy any of these apps, this article will help you know about them to make sure that it is good for you.

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