How to Spy on Someone’s WeChat Messages without Knowing

WeChat is a famous Chinese social media application that has rapidly gained popularity among teens all over the globe? With a subscriber database of 200 million, the users of these applications are majorly under 25. It has many more features to offer other than exchanging text messages. Along with the chatting conversation, it also tenders the voice messages, funny and romantic emoticons, snapshots, stickers, etc. The users of WeChat often use stickers to express their moods and feelings to their friends and loved ones.

Unlike Facebook which has recently grabbed the attention of older demographics, WeChat is welcomed by youngsters only. In fact, the Global Web Index has observed that young couples end their fights easily by just reciprocating through the various sorry stickers. This application is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones.

Sometimes one feels the need to spy on a loved one of theirs because they are worried about their behavior, or have some suspicion that their partner is cheating on them. For the person who is used to making a conversation by using WeChat, one way of relaxing these fears is to check out this person’s WeChat messages. You can find out much by simply looking at someone’s messages. This is because nowadays we communicate through messages, calls, etc.

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There are many spying applications that can help you check out someone’s WeChat messages. With these, you can find out whether your concerns are right or you are just stressing for no reason. If your child is getting bullied you need to know this, you can help them out. You can check their WeChat messages with the help of ClevGuard. This will let you hack WeChat conversations on iPhone and also Android.

Why Choose ClevGuard?

How to Hack WeChat Using ClevGuard

You may be wondering why to choose this spying application instead of another one. If you aim to properly spy on WeChat messages without being caught doing this, then you can think about getting this application to help you out. When getting any spying application, you should carefully check out its features so that you can select the one that will help you in what you aim to do.

ClevGuard is regarded as monitoring software that you can install on your computer and mobile device. This app takes full control of the device, allowing you to know what you wish to know. This happens no matter where you actually are. With ClevGuard you can:

  • Monitor every Android and even iPhone digital as well as audio communications.
  • It is possible to monitor what occurs on some PC or Mac.
  • Has many monitoring features, like WeChat monitoring.
  • There is a free Mobile Viewer App present for Android along with iPhone.
  • This app is great for Parental Control plus Employee Monitoring.

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Features of ClevGuard

  • Hidden call recording: This feature of ClevGuard helps its users to clearly know all about what the people are talking about. With the help of this spying feature, all the calls can be recorded and keep them saved as proof of strong evidence.
  • GPS location spying: This feature of ClevGuard makes it a lot easier for parents and spouses to keep full track of their target person’s activities. If you find that your kids are not present at the home and it is getting later. This feature of the spy tool will help you a lot.
  • Read out all chats and text messages: Regardless of whether the message is sent or received, you can easily do the spying with the access of this spying feature. This is the amazing feature of ClevGuard that allows all its users in doing the spying on all types of calls and messages with a lot of ease and thus spy tools are considered comprehensive tools.
  • Blocking services: One a worried parent wants the children to learn all good activities and get good knowledge then it is very much essential to keep them far away from all types of malicious websites. If your kid is found using those sites they can easily be blocked.
  • Call logs information: Another best spying feature is call logs hackings are possible and this spying feature will list down all the details of the call logs like the type of calls, duration, time, date, location call maker/receiver, etc. Those can be acquired from the online control panel of ClevGuard.
  • 100% untraceable: Using a reliable spy tool will be a lot beneficial as it will help you to stay hidden while spying on the device of the target person. The target will never come to know of being spied on completely.
  • Keylogger function: This feature is developed for spying on all the typed keystrokes in the target phone. Also, it will help the person spying to know the password of all the applications installed on the phone. Even the deleted text can also be traced using this spying feature.
  • Affordable: This is one of the best things that is liked by most users. People want to make use of ClevGuard and have access to all the features but at reasonably priced costs. This is possible if a hacker gets access to the popular spy tool. There a user need not have pay a huge sum of money to use the app.

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How to Spy on Someone’s WeChat Messages?

Step 1. Create an account

If you want to use ClevGuard to spy on WeChat messages, you need to start off by purchasing the license. After your subscription, you can create a ClevGuard account.

Step 2. Activate Target Phone

You will then need to install ClevGuard as well as activate the license upon the target phone. The data that you require will get captured. This includes calls, text messages, contacts, photos, videos, and call data.

create a ClevGuard account

Step 3. View WeChat Messages

The data that is received is able to be accessed whenever you need to do this via any computer. You can click “WeChat” to check the WeChat conversations.

View WeChat Messages

You can use ClevGuard to pursue a WeChat spy on iPhone and Android. It is possible to install ClevGuard on one device per license brought. But, you can deactivate and even move this license to some other device whenever you want to during your subscription. Therefore, monitor your children’s and even employees’ WeChat messages with ClevGuard.


As there are so many social apps like WeChat, people usually use Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Snapchat, Instagram, and others in daily life. So if you need to hack Facebook, hack WhatsApp, hack Kik, and monitor them, you can also get help from ClevGuard to read text messages without their phone.

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