How to Set Up Apple TV Without Remote with iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Setting up an Apple TV is really an easy job to do. Even a little kid can do that, but when you’re looking to set up Apple TV without a remote then everyone starts thinking about how to do that.

You may know that during setup you may have to enter your email and password. If you have a long email address or multi-characters passwords then the task may become a tedious one to go with. Fortunately, there are a few ways with which you can set up your Apple TV without a remote. One of them is using your iPhone or iPod, today we will share this trick here.

Set Up Apple TV Without Remote with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

With this method, the setup becomes really really easy. Otherwise, the process was really cumbersome for me at least. That’s because I am fond of using super-strong passwords and it takes too much time when using the remote. Let’s move to the steps below and find the exact process.

  • Power Up your Apple TV and continue to follow all the steps until the language screen appears.
  • Next, turn Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and place it near your TV.
  • Wait until your mobile is connected over Bluetooth to your TV and then enter the email and password when prompted using the iOS device keyboard.
  • Next, on your Apple TV “Automatic Setup” screen will appear.

Set Up Apple TV Without Remote with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

  • Now follow onscreen prompts step by step and continue setting up your Apple TV with your iOS device.
  • During the process, the setup will ask you to remember your password, click yes if you want to enjoy hassle-free purchases from iTunes. Otherwise, you have to enter a password each time when purchasing.
  • At last, of setup Apple will ask your permission to send usage information to help improve products and support. If you like to share then click “OK” but in fact, this does not affect any features of the services.
  • Finally, the setup will continue in setting up some configurations. It will also connect to the internet automatically by getting authorization from your connected iOS device.

Set Up Apple TV Without Remote with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

  • After that, your Apple TV will start activating your device. Next, it will access the iTunes store with your registered ID.

Set Up Apple TV Without Remote with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Next, you will see the home menu items on your screen. If you still want an iPhone or iPad to use as a remote you can set up a Remote App on the iOS device to control your TV.

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