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How to Block Ads on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly unrivaled in its role to the fans. It has, therefore, become very popular around the world. One of the biggest challenges associated with the application includes increased ads. Most users find them irritating and are desperate to get rid of them. The ads often distract you from your processes and tasks, as they attempt to catch your attention. Others require signing in with your name and contact details before you can move on. Luckily, there is a way you can block ads if you want to avoid them for good. You do not want to interfere with your fun time while there is a lot to learn, share, and enjoy on Instagram.

Ads on Instagram

There will always be ads on Instagram because of the effort to market products online. The online platforms offer a chance for extensive research on a product or company’s reputation before making a buying decision. To a seller, online advertising is the greatest development in business because it can reach millions across the world in minutes through online advertising. However, it is a nuisance to other internet users.

Do you get irritated and tired of the unnecessary ads on your screen? An average user comes across at least 100 advertisements in a day. Instagram is targeted because most active users are online on a daily basis hence posing a ready target market for ads. Most Instagram users are daily users, hence the high concentration of ads here.

Best Instagram Ad Blocker – AdGuard

adguard browser

This is not your regular adblocker. It is a multi-purpose tool, which comes with many exciting features to boost your overall performance on the web and mobile. It is popular because it can block ads and malicious websites, to speed up page loading. You may also use it to protect your children while they are online.

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Features of AdGuard

AdGuard comes with plenty of powerful features. Here are the top 4 main features

1. Stops Malvertising
You may use your internet regularly and be fully reliable for work, learning, and entertainment. There are some people who are out to make it difficult for you just for their fun. You, therefore, need to be guarded against them. There are malicious parties online that focus on destroying your computer or phone by spreading malware through advertisements. Malicious code is hidden in advertisements. Malware infects your computer and mobile phone the moment you click on such an advertisement. AdGuard is designed to prevent this from occurring.

2. Improved Speeds in Web Page Loading
AdGuard suppresses the malware and numerous advertisements in the background and pop-ups, which slow down your internet experience. One of the effects of malware is slowing down PC or smartphone speed. This is why AdGuard comes in.

3. Minimum Bandwidth
If you access websites with mobile data, you know what it means to save on bandwidth. Loading unnecessary photos and videos significantly chew your data bundles. If you are on a tight budget plan, AdGuard saves the day.

4. Ridding Distraction
Pop-ups every 5 seconds can be distracting and annoying. It is almost impossible to focus on your online research without an ad blocker. Marketers make them conspicuous and position them on the center of your screen. You can’t ignore online ads. You have to close them to continue. AdGuard restores your peace of mind while working by ridding them completely.

AdGuard for Mobile Ad Blocking

Luckily, AdGuard is designed for Android and iPhone, so you can use it on a variety of Android and iOS devices effectively. Since smartphones have replaced desktops and laptops in accessing the internet on a daily basis, most marketers in different business fields have turned their focus on these mobile devices, which are popular in this digital era. Android enjoys a significant number of users around the world hence the focus of sincere advertisers and malicious parties.


To marketers, these ads are an opportunity to lure the widest range of Instagram users. This phenomenon is understandable owing to the competition, opportunities, demand, and need for exposure via the Internet. Online advertising, therefore, remains the greatest development in business because it can reach millions across the world in minutes through online advertising. However, it is a nuisance to other internet users. But now, with AdGuard, which is the best AdBlocker, you can easily block ads on Instagram, as well as remove ads on Youtube and Facebook.

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