How to Change Country on Netflix Account

Netflix is a must for anyone who loves TV shows and movies. While it is new in the entertainment industry, it has rapidly grown to control the video streaming industry. Today, Netflix is available in at least 190 countries. There is one catch to it: the libraries differ with location. If you have a friend on another continent that has previously suggested a video and you didn’t find it, it is about the Netflix regulations based on locations.

Why are the libraries differ not important? Now that you know you are limited in your location, you can do something about it. Don’t be stranded and miss lots of trendy videos and fun because of your location. There are simple tricks that can help you on how to change the country on Netflix account hence access to more exciting videos. In fact, you can watch everything on the video streaming platform irrespective of your location.

Why you need to change the country on Netflix

Netflix management plays safe and blames it on your country’s licensing policies hence the restrictions, which is justified. Netflix works with content distributors in all parts of the world. To maximize profits, Netflix strives to find the highest bidder and creates a license for the same. If you are lucky to be in the region, you will have access to the videos; if not, you will only access the basic videos and shows. It is obvious that the highest bidder among the content distributors will have the rights. Netflix license is dependent on audience interest and territorial demand.
Netflix is in business and would like to penetrate the international market. Geographical restrictions are the main challenge for the video streaming platform, and they are working around it. But before the removal of geographical retractions, you should know how to access most if not all of the libraries.

Ways to change the country on Netflix account

It is relieving to know that you can bypass the restrictions and watch from any Netflix library irrespective of where you live. The three top techniques of accessing Netflix libraries include: VPN, browser extension and use of Smart DNS. While the three function differently, they both aim at camouflaging your location to allow your IP access.

The three are popular but not the only ones. You can explore other options based on your preferences. However, you should consider efficiency and buffering levels when learning how to change the country on the Netflix account. Some techniques can be frustrating with the buffering rate despite the wide selection of videos.

Using VPN as Netflix region changer

VPN is the most popular way to change the country on the Netflix account. Whether it is in the office or for home entertainment, a VPN is efficient. Most VPNs are user-friendly – you won’t need any manual or expertise to launch and configure settings. Also, most of them can be customized to suit individual interests. VPNs focus on disguising your IP address to your preferred country.

Some VPNs have specific country selections while some are flexible and you can keep shifting locations depending on the video libraries you need. With some powerful and efficient options like NordVPN, you can disguise multiple locations and access all the Netflix video libraries.

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VPN is the fastest Netflix region changer. If you have the technical capability, you can create your own connection, but you must be confident with your skills to avoid a permanent block from Netflix. The easy way around this is to subscribe to the popular VPNs for safety and consistency. It can be frustrating to see a “denied access” message on your screen in the middle of your favorite movie. It happens if you go for the low-quality VPNs or try to do it on your own and your connection is shaky.

Another benefit of using the pre-structured VPNs is flexibility. Unlike a VPN you have created on your own that may be set to one location at a time, NordVPN among others allows you to switch anytime to the desired country. The VPN can also be used to access other blocked sites. In fact, the Netflix URL might be blocked by your office or school administration, you will need a VPN first to access the site before making use of the Netflix region manager.

NordVPN is easy to use. Here are the 4 simple steps:
1. Download the NordVPN app;

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2. Install on your PC, iPhone, or Android device;
3. Launch the app and select your country of preference;
4. Click on “connect”.


Apart from NordVPN, you can use Smart DNS, which does not need you to re-direct your internal traffic to establish a connection. There is no need for an intermediary, but the effectiveness of this option is unreliable considering Netflix has recently intensified its measures against DNS techniques. A browser extension is another option that mimics a VPN. All you have to do is download a proxy, but you can only watch different countries from a browser.

Why NordVPN is the best Netflix region changer

If you are learning how to change the country on Netflix account, NordVPN is the best in disguising your IP to access Netflix because of various reasons. First, it is user-friendly. After downloading, the installation and navigation processes don’t need any expertise or experience. Besides, it is available for PC, Mac, and Android. You can watch it from any of your devices. NordVPN also gets rid of all user logs.

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