How to Unblock Facebook at School

We all are addicted to Facebook and love to spend unlimited time surfing this social media network. In such situations, if you come to know that management has blocked Facebook in the school premises, it will be big trouble for the cool young generation. But don’t worry! There are few tricks to open Facebook on your handset without even letting anyone know about it. Yeah, VPN services can help you to handle this task with ease.

Site blocks usually happen at the network level and on-device basis. Although both of them function in a similar manner and you can easily find some tools to bypass both of these. There are numbers of VPNs that students can use to unblock Facebook within the school premises, but it is important to look for the most budget-friendly and reliable option. While making a selection for the best tool to unblock Facebook, it is good to look for logging policy, server distribution, leak protection, and device compatibility. For this case, as you need to use Facebook in the school campus, probably you access it through a smartphone. It means you need a VPN server that works perfectly on the Android and iOS devices.

In this article, we have highlighted the details about unblocking Facebook through NordVPN. However, four other competitive tools are also explained to ease your selection.

How Do You Unblock Facebook at School

NordVPN is the most appreciated and flexible choice for securing your internet access. With high-end encryption system, it can save students from school management without restricting their access online. This server is supported by 2048-Bit SSL encryption that ensures the safe transfer of information between the server and your handset. It means, even when you are using Facebook within school premises, no one will come to know about your identity. NordVPN is currently serving in more than 90 countries with its 5000 plus servers. Experts rate it one of the most feature-rich and solid options for unblocking certain websites online. Speed is the essential factor in rating performance of NordVPN. In order to handle traffic online, they make use of a wide range of advanced servers.

Bypass Facebook Restrictions with NordVPN

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When you connect to the school/workplace internet; the system assigns a general IP address to your device. It is generated through a local network and has several restrictions. Note that, this IP address contains details about your country or location as well. NordVPN help users to connect to the remote VPN servers to access the internet. In order to run Facebook on the premises, you can simply use the virtual location of some other country without even compromising for the security of your browsing history. NordVPN makes use of strong encryption codes to keep user log details safe and private. It this way, you can easily login to your Facebook account in the protected or private mode without being tracked from the central system of your school. All that you need to do is:

Step 1: Download NordVPN on your gadget and subscribe to its package.

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Step 2: Connect to the server using a unique location. You can set your location to any other country.
Step 3: Now connect to your Facebook account and start enjoying your chats online.

Alternative Methods to Get on Facebook If Blocked

1. ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN is one of the fastest and most reliable VPN servers in the market. It is rated high for its speed and flexibility. By subscribing to their budget-friendly yearly package, users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, restriction free download and uninterrupted access to the area blocked websites such as Facebook as well. It comes with 30 days money back guarantee so you can give it a safe try.

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2. CyberGhost
CyberGhost platform is a top-rated VPN service provider in the industry with ultimate security features and exceptional user experience. They offer security through high-end privacy protocols and multiple layers of encryption to make your browsing safe and free from trackers. If you want to unblock Facebook in school, it can help you to enjoy uninterrupted access online. Beginners will love it more due to their 24×7 hour customer support service and faster response time.

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3. Ivacy VPN
Here is another wonderful choice for accessing blocked websites on the premises without letting anyone track your identity. This company is providing reliable services to users around the world since 2007 with 450 plus servers. They ensure great speed with no logging policy to keep your web browsing safe and unrestricted. Ivacy VPN is loaded with advanced features that ensure high-end performance with great customer satisfaction. You can find several budget-friendly packages from this service provider to enjoy Facebook in the school without putting a hole in your pocket.

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4. PureVPN
This platform is designed to serve users with reliable, fast and unrestricted access to the internet. PureVPN servers are currently located in more than 141 countries, and they develop healthy connections through 2000 plus servers. With unlimited bandwidth, zero-logging, unbeatable encryption options, and DNS leak protection, it appears the best choice for Facebook unblocking. It works perfectly on a wide range of gadgets so school students can enjoy the best services to unblock Facebook with ease.

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No matter which class you study, using VPN on Android and iOS devices is an easy task for every beginner. Anyone can try this trick with ease to stay in touch with friends online even in the areas where Facebook is otherwise blocked. Although NordVPN is rated high for such kind of services, some experts also recommend few other options listed above. All of them have an incredible set of features. However, before making a selection, you must rate them on the basis of security, privacy, and pricing as well. Prefer to choose the long-term packages to enjoy the most reasonable package. The best VPN service provider not only allows easy access to unblocking Facebook on your device; at the same time, you can also enjoy numbers of TV shows and games online.

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