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Best Pixiv Video & GIF Downloaders [2023]

Pixiv is an online platform that allows artists to upload their created animated videos for sharing online. It is an inspiring place for people to enjoy excellent animated content. However, Pixiv doesn’t provide the option to download the videos offline. As a result, this article will bring you reliable methods to download Pixiv videos offline. You will get the best Pixiv video downloader for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android today. If you also need one, come and see the content now.

Easy & Professional Pixiv Video Downloader on Windows & Mac

Online Video Downloader should be the best Pixiv video downloader for Windows and Mac users. It has the ability to download videos from Pixiv with high resolution and keeps the video content in the most widely-used MP4 format. This Pixiv video downloader has the following benefits you may need:

  • Supports downloading from more than 10000 video websites such as Pixiv, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pornhub, and so on
  • Offers 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, etc to save online videos
  • Converts audio to MP3 in original quality (up to 320kbps)
  • Supports batch download to save time
  • Offers user-friendly UI and easy-to-use functions

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Step 1. Install and Open Online Video Downloader

After selecting the correct version (Windows or Mac) of the Online Video Downloader, click the button to download and also install the software. Then open it and you can see the main interface below.

paste the URL

Step 2. Copy Pixiv Video Link

Open the Pixiv platform and browse the Pixiv Video you like. When finding the favorite one, click on its page and copy the link from the address bar.

[Ultimate Guide] Best Pixiv Video/Gif Downloaders

Step 3. Paste Pixiv Video Link

Go back to Online Video Downloader now. You should paste the link to the Pixiv Video into the input box. Then hit the “Analyze” button to analyze it.

download online videos

Step 4. Download the Video from Pixiv

After analyzing, Online Video Downloader will provide formats and quality for downloading it. Choose your needed option and click the “Download” button to save the Pixiv video immediately.

download online videos

The downloaded Pixiv video will be listed in the “Finished” tab. Click and enjoy them offline!

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How to Download Pixiv Videos on Android And iOS

For mobile users such as Android and iOS devices, there is also recommended Pixiv video downloader. For example, Downloader for Pixiv is a reliable tool for Android users to get GIFs and videos from the Pixiv platform. This downloader can be easily installed from Google Play, and it requires no other extensions for starting to use.

[Ultimate Guide] Best Pixiv Video/Gif Downloaders


  • Supports converting and downloading ugoria on Pixiv as GIF
  • Allows to pack the images of manga or novels into EPUB or TXT formats
  • Provides easy-to-use functions
  • Offers free service without cost


  • Contains ads that may affect the user experience, and removing them needs to pay for a fee
  • The function only works when the Pixiv platform is opened in the background
  • It fails to download sometimes which is very annoying

More Tips: How to Download Pixiv Gif within Clicks

This part will introduce how to download Pixiv GIFs. It is a Chrome extension that can be installed to download Pixiv GIFs with clicks.

Step 1. Search for Pixiv Toolkit in the Chrome web store, then click the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension.

[Ultimate Guide] Best Pixiv Video/Gif Downloaders

Step 2. After adding the extension, go to Pixiv in your browser. When you open GIF content in Pixiv, there will be a blue button shown at the bottom of the page.

[Ultimate Guide] Best Pixiv Video/Gif Downloaders

Step 3. Click the blue button and choose “Generate GIF”. You can also save the Pixiv GIF in other provided formats such as ZIP, APNG, or WEBM.

[Ultimate Guide] Best Pixiv Video/Gif Downloaders

On different devices, you have different choices to download Pixiv videos. For Windows and Mac users, it is recommended to use Online Video Downloader because it works stably and brings higher output quality. Download it and have a try on it!

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