How to Unblock Netflix at School

After soaking your mind is formulas and science, you may want to take a break. Life is about balance, even in school. You might have a grip of all the concepts, but it will be impossible to translate these into practical aspects if you don’t take time to relax. Entertainment contributes largely to performance, but some school administrators don’t consider this fact. If it were possible, some schools wouldn’t have the internet on the premises, but it is now a necessity for research in libraries among other educational activities.

Don’t fall in the trap of feeling like a waste of time to watch videos or TV shows in between your school schedule. Of course, you need to be disciplined and manage your time properly. It is all about balancing relax and studies. Just like exercising refreshes your mind, you need the videos to stabilize your mental state, especially if you are a fan of movies. If you can have a rest or focus until you watch the new movie series, do it! School administrators won’t approve this notion, and this is why the WI-FI is only restricted for study-related searches.

Why Schools Block Netflix?

Blocking students from accessing Netflix has its legitimate reasons but it still cannot justify the block. Students need time to refresh, and you cannot force everyone to jog, chat, or engage in sports as a way of relaxing. As a student, you need to understand you have unique capabilities and potential that you can only be realized if you allow your personality and preferences to be a priority. It is frustrating after taking the physics exam, and there is a pile of algebra assignments waiting. If you stick to the pressure, you will burst. An hour watching your favorite TV show won’t harm your schedule. Actually, it will boost your productivity meaning you will achieve a lot in less time.

Most school administrators fear that free access of the internet, especially to Netflix. Because it will disorient students. The notion is right to the extent that the videos can be addictive and some students can be irresponsible. The administrators feel that they have a role in ensuring every student maximizes their time in school. The intention is right, but it may not achieve the desired goal. Restrictions are only one way of enforcing discipline, but this may not work in all circumstances, especially in a school setup.

At the end of the day, performance is out of willingness and individual focus. A student has to be settled in mind and determined to achieve specific goals. It is true that students can be distracted with videos on Netflix, but I think there is more damage to the restrictions because the mind will not settle. While Netflix can be addictive, there is a fulfillment that relaxes the mind hence ease of understanding academic concepts. It sounds farfetched, but it is practical.

Primarily, schools block Netflix in a bid to save time and guard their concentration while the students are at school. I think it should be the other way. Students should have the freedom to access the video streaming platform as the administrators focus on instilling a sense of responsibility and discipline for students to make individual choices. The young people in school are enthusiastic about technology where video streaming is a trend. There is no way of keeping their minds off such a trend.

Don’t worry if your school has already implemented the restrictions on Netflix. There are multiple ways you can bypass the restriction and enjoy your videos.

How to Unblock and Watch Netflix

If Netflix is unblocked, you can explore any of the following options: VPN, Proxy, or browser extension. All of these are effective based on the nature of restriction or how long you need to access Netflix.

Virtual Private Network is the most popular for Netflix unblocked at school. VPNs focus on disguising your IP address. In this case, you can access Netflix with an IP from a different country or state with a VPN. The fact that the connection request does not show your device is within the school premises. VPN access will be established automatically.

VPN is popular because of the ease of usage. You don’t have to be a student in technology faculty to use a VPN. Most are available online for free download as a trial then monthly or weekly subscriptions. There are amazing prices for students. You won’t feel the pinch of paying the subscriptions considering it will be a smooth connection and access to all your videos.

Besides the efficiency and reliability in security, NordVPN is the best VPN to help you bypass Netflix licensing restrictions that cause variations in video libraries based on location. With a reliable tool – NordVPN, you can access multiple or all of the video libraries on Netflix while at school.

Try It Free

Step 1. Download and install NordVPN.
Step 2. Launch NordVPN.
Step 3. Select the preferred IP location.
Step 4. Click on “connect”.

Netflix unblocked at school can also be achieved through browser extensions. Irrespective of your operating system, you can install extensions or plugins that hide your IP address. The extensions work in the same way as IP but are a bit shaky. With a proxy, you can also bypass Netflix unblocked at school by changing the address on the web search bar. However, this only works in instances where the school has blocked Netflix using the URL. So the best way to unblock Netflix at school is using NordVPN. Just have a try!

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