What are the Steps to Boot into Mac Recovery Mode

When looking to fix and diagnose multiple issues you must try to boot into the Mac recovery mode trick. This helps to troubleshoot even complex issues in a snap. You can get a handful list of tools to solve wide-ranging problems including fatal errors on start-up.

What is a Recovery Mode and When it is Useful?

It is a special mode where you boot into a hidden partition that has an OS image to recover your device with built-in options. You can also use the list of tools to find problems on a disk. If unable to fix issues then simply re-install the most recent installed version on your Mac.

Note: If your recovery partition is corrupted then you may not be able to use it. In that case, you can use Internet Recovery Mode by pressing Command + Option + R simultaneously when booting.

Steps to boot into Mac recovery mode

  • First of all Shutdown your device after closing all the applications.
  • Next, power on your MacBook and immediately press and hold the Command + R keys. Now hold keys until the Apple logo is visible.
  • Soon, you will see a screen with multiple options as below in the image.

What are the Steps to Boot into Mac Recovery Mode

TIP: If you aren’t able to boot in recovery mode. Then try again with the above steps but remember to press keys early enough.

What is the Difference Between Internet Recovery & Offline Recovery Mode

Internet recovery mode connects your device with Apple Official Server. Once connected via the internet the automated system will check your device against multiple errors and problems. Using this option is especially best when the recovery partition is damaged or not working.

To boot into Internet Recovery mode first shutdown or restart your MacBook and then press and hold the Command + Option + R keys until the Globe Icon becomes visible on screen.

Be sure that you have internet access as the system will ask you to connect to WiFi if it’s not connected by default.

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