Troubleshoot & Fix Mac Screen Flickering Problem

Sometimes you may experience a Mac screen flickering problem, however, you can fix this problem at home after troubleshooting the issue. The severity of the issue varies from case to case, sometimes it is a rare case of light blinking while on the other side you may experience a heavy flickering which makes your machine not usable.

The reason for the Mac screen blinking can vary and you have to troubleshoot the issue on your side. Below are some troubleshooting tips which you have to follow.

Troubleshooting Mac Screen Flickering Problem

  • First, try to restart your MacBook. your machine looks like restarting.
  • If you are using Mac Book Pro then go to System Preferences> Energy Saver> and here you have to turn off the option “Automatic graphics switching”.
  • Troubleshoot using Mac safe mode. To use safe mode first shut down your system and then follow these steps.
  • Turn on your Mac and instantly press the Shift key and hold it until you see an Apple Logo. Now release the key and login into the system when the login screen appears.
  • If the screen is not flickering in safe mode then shut down your system and check back hopefully safe mode has fixed the issue. If still the issue is not fixed, then follow the next step.
  • Reset the System Management Controller. Every device has its own step, we will not go into many details here, however, you can see this guide.
  • Try creating a new user account on your Mac and then sign in to a new account on start-up and then see if the issue is there on the new user or not.
  • You can create an account at System Preferences>> Users & Groups.

If the issue is not fixed up to now, then probably there is some problem with the hardware. To troubleshoot any hardware problem you will need the services of an expert you can contact Apple.

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