Best VPN for Gaming in 2019

Using VPN on your system means you get an opportunity to add an additional layer of security between your online activities and the outside world. Depending upon the type of VPN server you choose online, it is possible to ensure extra latency for all your connections. The great news is that the VPN service providers these days are operating overseas. It means you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience all over the world.

Experts reveal that there are unlimited benefits of using VPN for gaming. However, new age players might be curious to get in-depth details about this topic. Well, in this article we are going to discuss the importance of VPN for gaming while highlighting the incredible features of the top 5 VPN service providers in the market. It will help you to make an easy decision to enjoy gaming online.

Is VPN Good for Gaming?

With the huge advancements in the technologies, the big brands in the gaming industry are developing feature rich game platforms to serve the audience around the world. But in order to ensure a stable connection with consistent performance during gaming hours, users need to use the best support system on their gadgets. Well, here comes the need of a VPN! It allows players to enjoy their games anytime, from anywhere, without any restriction. Moreover, the VPN servers allow players to enjoy their favorite games without compromising for speed due to poor internet connections. In short, there are unlimited benefits of using VPN for gaming. Below we have highlighted a few reasons to use a VPN for gaming:
· It allows users to play games; access Xbox lives, download DLC content and PNS exclusives from any location.
· Enjoy downloading the latest games from different countries ahead of the time.
· Reduces ping time while minimizing overall lag so that gamers can enjoy the best connectivity online.
· Shorter connection routes lead to fast speed and trouble-free data transfers.
· The encrypted system ensures higher safety for the data while providing valuable storage space over secure tunnels.
· Gain easy access to the gaming servers from different corners of the world even while traveling.
· VPN allows players to enjoy multiplayer games from any location.
· Advanced VPN service providers make it possible to connect to the gaming world on the go through Android and iOS gadgets.
· Solve latency issues without messing with complicated procedures.

Top 5 VPN for Gaming in 2019

Indeed, there are numbers of factors involved in ensuring incredible gaming performance. Although hundreds of VPN servers are already designed to serve gamers and online streamers around the world, it becomes difficult to choose the most reliable one in the crowd. Well, we are here to assist beginners by providing an instant review to 5 best VPNs for Gaming.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has gained huge popularity among gamers in the past few years. It is rated high for its sleek design and high performing range of services. The advanced encryption technology makes it a safe choice for users all over the world. Also, NordVPN tops in the competition for its ease of use, intuitive implementation, fast response rate, high security, and minimal losses as well. Overall, it is a great package for gamers with a discrete set of features.

This VPN is currently serving clients in more than 61 countries with 5000 servers. Although, they offer higher pricing for packages; still, people find it a great choice for reliable services. Players that expect more flexibility will find it best choice for their gaming hours. Other than this, NordVPN is loaded with built-in anti-DDoS Protection system; furthermore, the custom servers provide better safety from attacks. It means, while using NordVPN, gamers need not worry about annoying interruptions.

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· Global network with 5000 plus servers online.
· Advanced security system that protects gamers from DDoS attacks.
· Impressive interface with user-friendly features.
· Excellent balance for security and speed.
· Even basic plan also allows users to connect up to 6 devices at a time.
· Based on the Panama system that ensures great privacy.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN company is located in the Virgin Islands; however, their servers are spread over 94 countries. This product is widely popular for its awesome encryption ability that ensures higher security to data transfers over the channel. Moreover, the excellent customer support makes it the best choice for new age gamers. Experienced games suggest trying ExpressVPN for its 30 days money back guarantee.

As the name indicates, this VPN is rated high in terms of the speed test. The fact is that lower latency has a great impact on loss and victory in any game; ExpressVPN makes it safe at all. Currently, they have 2000 plus servers along with zero knowledge DNS servers that allow quick access to different platforms. The split tunneling feature makes it more useful for gamers.

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· Super-fast and reliable connection speed.
· No restriction on bandwidth and download limit.
· It supports torrenting and P2P activity as well.
· Gamers can connect to three devices using a single account.
· Offers satisfactory 24×7 hour customer support.
· Comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

3. CyberGhost VPN

With more than 3000 servers and an amazing set of features, CyberGhost VPN appears one of the best choices for new age gamers. It follows high-end protocols for data safety and transparency so that users can enjoy satisfactory services online. CyberGhost is designed with an interactive interface, and it works perfectly on almost all platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android as well. People love it more because CyberGhost offers great services for torrenting; users can also enjoy easy streaming from YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, etc.

CyberGhost doesn’t pose any restriction on bandwidth and storage; moreover, its advanced safety protocols make it a perfect choice for frequent users. This VPN comes with AES 256-BIT encryption ability and the dedicated authentication arrangement.

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· Offers budget-friendly packages for long term commitment.
· Optimized performance with high-end features.
· Gamers find it more useful due to its streamlined and simple interface.
· It offers easy adjustments for settings over handy profiles.
· Comes with a free trial.
· Users can avail money back guaranty.

4. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN is serving the world since 2007, and this big giant in the list of VPNs has now bagged top position. They offer a wide range of features with new age technology integration. You will be happy to hear that this VPN is compatible with almost every platform including smart TVs, routers, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, Windows and even with the Xbox as well. Ivacy VPN is currently serving clients at more than 100 locations with its 450 plus servers.

This platform is more suitable for those who are looking for the best torrenting experience as it works over P2P optimized servers in Canada and the USA. In order to allow easy connections to the users, they also follow other protocols such as IKEv2, L2TP, SSTP, PPTP, and OpenVPN as well.

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· It offers great speed; gamers can have incredible experience online.
· Ivacy VPN claims zero logging policy to ensure complete safety to the users.
· They offer reliable and satisfactory customer support service.
· Works on all gadgets, players can enjoy their games on the go.
· Advanced encryption system makes it more secure.
· Budget-friendly packages.

5. PureVPN

PureVPN is also serving the audience in the market since 2007, and today they have clients over 180 locations that are managed through 2000 plus servers. They offer a huge choice for protocols with incredible IPv6 Leak protection. The easy to use apps are available for all major platforms like Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. Moreover, PureVPN is also compatible with smart TVs and Linux systems. Multiple encryption protocols make it suitable for a variety of needs.

This VPN offers unlimited data transferability with advanced neat split tunneling feature. Users can also ensure great app filtering, URL filtering, ad blocking, and malware protection services. Also, they offer satisfactory customer support service with 24×7 hour active network on LiveChat. Gamers can enjoy a great experience on this VPN server while ensuring great safety for all their routine needs.

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· It can be used to unblock US Netflix.
· Offers strong security with high-level encryption.
· Improved mobile app to assist new age gamers.
· Ensure fast speed response on all platforms.
· Satisfactory support service.
· Budget-friendly solution for beginners in the gaming industry.


No matter whether you are new to the gaming industry or are enjoying it from the long past. If you are searching for a VPN with a satisfactory response, it is first good to check the reviews online. Above we have listed some of the best VPN servers for gamers; each one of them has unique features with different pricing. It is good to compare the features and go ahead with one that serves you best. You can also check the features through a trial pack to ensure the right selection. Note that, in the huge crowd of high-end VPN servers in the market, there is no point in compromising for quality for the price. In order to ensure the best gaming experience, it is better to pick the most feature rich, secure and interactive option.

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