unblock websites google chrome

How to Unblock A Website on Google Chrome

Whenever you enter an address of a certain website or if you search about anything on Google, but denied error pops up on your window. Sometimes you open a link and then a blood red screen with an error of the malware appears on your screen. What is the meaning of such signs? Why are […]

best vpn for kodi

Best Kodi VPN – Install VPN on Kodi

Kodi is much more than just media center software. You can call it a comprehensive entertainment package. Kodi media center software enables users to stream whatever they want to watch from anywhere in the world that too in only a matter of seconds. Kodi media center software offers the freedom of surfing that every internet […]

stay safe hotel wi-fi

How to Stay Safe on Public or Hotel Wi-Fi

Interaction with the social world wasn’t that easy before. The digital world has changed our way of playing and working in many forms. Living in a physical life with connections to the social one has been made easy via wireless hotspots. Public hotspots are on a rise nowadays and come with various positive features and […]

unblock websites without proxy

How to Unblock Websites without Proxy

Content is moving fast today more than ever because of the Internet. Websites are the main channels of communication but have their fair share of challenges. Several national governments are censoring content for various interests of respective countries. Besides national administrations, users are regularly blocked from websites because of geographical location. It can be a […]

unblock netflix school

How to Unblock Netflix at School

After soaking your mind is formulas and science, you may want to take a break. Life is about balance, even in school. You might have a grip of all the concepts, but it will be impossible to translate these into practical aspects if you don’t take time to relax. Entertainment contributes largely to performance, but […]

change country netflix

How to Change Country on Netflix Account

Netflix is a must for anyone who loves TV shows and movies. While it is new in the entertainment industry, it has rapidly grown to control the video streaming industry. Today, Netflix is available in at least 190 countries. There is one catch to it: the libraries differ with location. If you have a friend […]