Top 10 Free Keylogger Apps for Android (Remote & Undetectable)

Keyloggers for Android are software that records all the keystrokes made on a device and allow the user to see them at a later stage. The apps keep track of every key event made while using a phone or tablet.

There are many reasons why one should have a Keylogger installed in their devices, most of them related to security and privacy. If you are concerned while handing over your phone to a friend, family member, or even children, having Keylogger running in the background would give you a sense of satisfaction that you would later be able to view all their activity thanks to the software. It is simply a great way to keep an eye on whatever activity is done on your phone or device.

Keylogger has actually spied software that can record the usage of apps, passwords, emails, private messages, and a lot more. It has negative uses as well, but most people use it as parental control or to track activity on their devices. There are many Android Keyloggers available, but the best ones are easy to install and use. They have multiple functions, and they are undetectable. Stealth is a very important aspect of a good Keylogger.

Top 10 Keylogger Apps for Android (Invisible and No Root Required)


Top 10 Keylogger for Android

mSpy helps you keep track of the activity of your family as well as employees. This is a great tool to know what your children or your spouse are up to, and also whether any of your employees are in bed with your competitors or leaking confidential information. Its features include parental controls, app monitoring, SMS tracking, and social media monitoring as well.

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Top 5 Snapchat Monitoring App to Monitor Snapchat Effortlessly

eyeZy is another Keylogger for Android that is extremely easy to use and install. It starts at $9.99 a month, but you can try out its online demo before making a purchase decision. It can record keystrokes, and monitor messages, calls, social media, locations, and even screenshots. So many added features make eyeZy one of the best Keylogger apps for Android.

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Top 5 Snapchat Monitoring App to Monitor Snapchat Effortlessly

Cocospy was developed as a parental control app, but it is also perfect if you plan on giving your phone to someone for a few minutes, but you do not completely trust them. Instead of constantly peeking into what they are doing, you can simply enable Cocospy in the background before giving them your phone. The app will record all their activity and keystrokes. You would be able to ensure later on if they did something illegal or inappropriate with your device. The apps used and the duration of use will be tracked by Cocospy as well as all other key events.

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Top 5 Snapchat Monitoring App to Monitor Snapchat Effortlessly

ClevGuard is a great app if you want remote control and access over your children’s phones. It not only tracks the keystrokes, but it keeps a record of internet activity and social media usage. You can also monitor the texts sent and received by the device. This app is really easy to install and gives you amazing access to your children’s mobile devices. It is not free though. For Android, you will have to pay $29.95 per year at the start.

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flexispy review

FlexiSPY is a highly powerful Keylogger for Android, but it is also quite expensive compared to other options. You would have to pay $199 to have access to the software for only 3 months. It is for professionals because the app justifies its price tag through its amazing features, reliability, ease of access, and many other benefits. The software comes with over 150 features such as keylogging, call recording, and social media monitoring such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. You can even intercept calls and listen to them in real time as they are taking place. Another great feature is the undetectable Keylogger feature, which hides the app icon from the phone, making it undetectable. It offers a demo as well. The only downside is that rooting is compulsory for the app to work on the target Android device.

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copy 9 review

Copy9 starts off with a free 2-day trial, which is enough to decide whether or not you want to pay the $21.60 a month going forward. Copy9 is loaded with spy features that give you access to messages, app control, and even location tracking. The great thing about copy 9 is that does not require the Android device to be rooted, making it much easier to install it.

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Hoverwatch is known for its reliability. It is also a very reasonably priced app that starts at $3.33 a month for the individual package and $8.33 for the family package. It is a relatively new company which is why it is not very popular. But due to its amazing interface and usability, it is gaining popularity quickly. Using Hoverwatch, you can monitor social media, record calls, track keystrokes, and much more. Despite the fact that it is so cheap, it still offers a free demo to let you know what you are paying for. The biggest pro of Hoverwatch is that it does not even require the device to be rooted.

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iKeyMonitor is easy to install and use the app. It offers all the necessary tracking, monitoring and spy features you may need. It is not as complex as some of the software mentioned above, which makes it easier and less clunky to navigate through. If you do not need a bunch of in-depth complicated features, this is a great app to track the activity of children and friends using your devices.

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Spyera is a great tool that you can acquire for $100 a year. It tracks keystrokes and keyboard typing in real time, giving you access to passwords, codes, email access, and much more. It can allow you to see what the target is typing on their device as they are doing it. It is cheaper than most software and it is definitely worth it. It has a very intuitive interface that you can easily navigate through.

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Appmia is a new app, but because of its functionality and features, it has been sponsored by companies like Yahoo and CNN. It has many different packages depending on your requirements. The app provides keylogging features, social media tracking, and also an invisible mode where you can hide the app icon. It also offers a free demo to test out the features.

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Appmia also has a phone hijack mode through which you can control your target device remotely. It would be like you are using the phone while being miles away from it. Appmia comes with a lifetime package, so you do not have to worry about monthly or annual payments.


The above-mentioned is a list of our top 10 Keylogger apps for Android. Ensure you have access to and the right to install the apps on your target device. These programs will surely help you figure out what people are up to and it is also a great way to keep your devices secure and your children away from the negative side of the internet.

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