How to Fix Startup Disk Is Full on Mac

Mac will warn when your system disk is full. In this time, you should free up more space on your Mac. This is the difficulty that every Mac user will encounter in using, but we can manually delete iTunes backups, unwanted files in the trash bin, App caches and browser caches on Mac. It is always a risk deleting files manually, so you should consider backing up those folders before you start to remove them. I would like to recommend CleanMyMac, a Mac system cleaning tool, which can effectively help you clean up unnecessary files on your Mac. As you try CleanMyMac’s system junk module, after running the scan, you can click to view the detail and search the junk files. And click it to view exactly which files can be deleted. Once you are satisfied with the selection, click the Clean Up button to further clean the boot disk.

CleanMyMac (Mac Cleaner & Mac Utility tools)

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In order to maintain the health of macOS and optimize its functions, we need to clean up the Mac regularly. Today, I would like to recommend CleanMyMac, an intelligent cleaning and uninstaller software, which is simple in the user interface, easy to use, full of functions and it can solve common problems on Mac.

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Let’s start from here: What is the startup disk? Well, this is the hard disk that contains your operating system, which makes it the most important of all disks. Therefore, when the message (“Your startup disk is almost full“) pops up, it basically means that there is insufficient space on your main disk drive, which is very bad news.

When your Mac says the disk is full, what does that mean? When the Mac startup disk reaches full capacity, this is bad news for two reasons:

  1. You will run out of space very soon.
  2. Disk full (or even near full) will be slow to execute.

What most people do not realize is that their Mac actually turns the available space on its boot disk into virtual memory for day-to-day operations. Ideally, 10% of the disks should give your Mac operating system enough space to operate. Therefore, you will have big problems if you do not have enough space.

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With CleanMyMac, you can automatically delete iTunes backups, files in the trash bin, App caches, browser caches, redundant language packages, iOS backups, iOS updates, unused applications to save space, delete duplicate photos and restrict Dropbox synchronization. So CleanMyMac is your closest partner.

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That is what I brought to you: what should we do when Mac system prompts “startup disk is full”? CleanMyMac is the best app to solve the problem of startup disk being full on Mac.

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