PDF Password Unlocker: How to Unlock PDF Files

The PDF format is popularly used in daily life. We read books in PDF documents, study with PDF tutorials, do some business via PDF contracts or proposals. Sometimes, you will encrypt the PDF files to protect your work and privacy. In this case, if you forget your password of the encrypted PDF documents, you are supposed to unlock it. You may get some encrypted PDF documents without a password, you need a PDF Password Unlocker to help you remove the password so that you can read and edit those PDF files.

SmallPDF is an online PDF solutions website to convert PDF formats, unlock PDF files and edit. You don’t need to install any client on your computer. No matter your computer system is Windows or macOS, you can just enter smallpdf.com and do what you want to your PDF documents.

smallpdf unlock pdf

How to Unlock PDF without Password

Step 1. Upload The PDF File
First you need enter smallpdf.com, Click “Unlock PDF“, then upload the PDF files.


Step 2. Unlock PDF
After uploading, you need to make sure that it is legal of your password removing. And then, just click “UNLOCK PDF“.

smallpdf unlock pdf note

Note: If the file is thoroughly encrypted, the only way to unlock the files is that you have the correct password.

Now your encrypted PDF documents have been removed password protection. You can read, edit or convert your PDF files and share it with your friends. Have fun!

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