How to Convert Kindle to PDF

As Kindle is widely used, people can read books on Kindle everywhere. If you are looking a way to convert a Kindle file to a PDF to read your Kindle ebooks on Android, iPhone and iPad, there are several online tools that can assist you in this process. However, one of the most popular Kindle Converter tools being used is Epubor Ultimate. Another way to convert kindle is by using Calibre. It can be used on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. We will show you these two ways to convert Kindle to PDF so that you can figure out the best way you need it.

Method 1. How to Convert Kindle to PDF with Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate provides you an easy and fast way to convert all your Kindle books to PDF. It can detect all the ebooks on your Kindle, even on Kobo or other eReaders. You can do the conversations in a batch to save your time. It is the best way to convert all ebooks or remove DRM on them.

Step 1. Install Epubor Ultimate
Download Epubor Ultimate on your computer and finish the installation.

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Step 2. Add Kindle Files
After launching Epubor Ultimate, you can click “Add Files” or “Drag and Drop Books” to import your Kindle ebooks. You can also choose the books on the left because Epubor Ultimate can auto-detect all the books on the computer or eReaders.

epubor add files

Step 3. Convert and Save
Then choose “PDF” as the output format and start to convert the files. After the conversation is complete, download and save the files to the computer.

output format

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Method 2. How to Convert Kindle to PDF with Calibre

Calibre, the ebook manager is teeming with attractive features and a noteworthy interface that is easy to use and quite resourceful. Calibre can handle a myriad of input formats from HTML, MOBI, AZW, PRC, CBZ, CBR, ODT, PDB, RTF, TCR, TXT, PML, etc. to PDF and EPUB. It is able to function with or without an active network connection.

The application can also create new folder directories and reorganize ebook files. You can customize the aesthetics of the PDF as well. So how do you convert Kindle to PDF? Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download and Launch Calibre
Head on over to the calibre HomePage and click on the blue-colored ‘download’ button. You will find it at the right-hand side of the page. Select the correct operating system and then follow the on-screen instructions for installation after you have downloaded it. Finally, launch Calibre when you have done it.

Step 2. Add Kindle File
As long as the files are stored on your machine, all you will have to do is to click on “Add books”. This button can be found at the upper-left corner of the application’s window. Choose the Kindle file that you want to convert. It will be of file type MOBI or AZW if it is from Amazon. Next, drag and drop the files into the application window to start to convert them. Note that Calibre also allows bulk uploading. Direct conversion can be done within the program. You can add more than one file at a time.

Step 3. Convert Kindle File to PDF
Now, highlight the files that you want to convert and then click on the “Convert books” option. You can find this button on the left-hand side of the navigation bar. Next, a pop-up window appears with options for altering the book’s title, cover, author tags and several other metadata components. Even the page design and structure of the final PDF can be selected. Choose “PDF” from the drop-down menu which is located on the right of “Output format”. Perform any other customization you wish to add to the file before clicking on the gray “OK” option in the bottom-right of the window.

Step 4. Download and Save PDF
The conversion will soon be complete unless the file size is too large. It could be a lengthy process in the case of large-sized files. Once the conversion is over you need to select the ebook once again and then right-click of the press “CTRL” and click the blue ‘PDF’ link right next to “Formats”. Now, choose the second option that shows up in the drop-down menu. It should say “Save the PDF format to disk”. Then choose your desired save location. You may left-click or even single-click the exact same link in order to view the PDF using the default PDF viewer on your computer. You can repeat the process based on your requirements.

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