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How to Fix iPhone Echo Problem

What is the iPhone Echo problem? Have you ever experienced the problem that when you make a call to someone else, you can always hear yourself, and moreover, have others also can’t hear that you are saying at all? What a disgusting problem! Most iPhone users are fed up with this issue. So here in this article, let’s hand in hand discuss and find out the fixes to the iPhone echo problem.

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Part 1: Fast ways to fix iPhone Echo problem

Tip 1: Turn Speaker On and Off over and over again to see if the call is still echoing. If it doesn’t fix, please try the next tip.
Tip 2: Remove Headset from iPhone and then try making calls and see if the echo still exists.
Tip 3: Restart/Force Restart your device. For a simple restart just hold the Lock screen button for a few seconds until the slider comes up. Then drag the slider to the right and turn off your iPhone. After a few moments, switch it back on and see if the problem still persists.
If it does then you will need to force restart your iPhone.
For iPhone 8 or Later: Press the Volume Up button and release it quickly. Then press the Volume down button and release it quickly. Then press the Power button and hold it until the iPhone restarts.
For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press the Lock button and Volume down button together and hold it until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
For iPhone 6 and earlier: Press the Home button and Lock screen button and hold it for almost 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
Tip 4: Reset iPhone. This will erase all the data on your iPhone, so before resetting your iPhone, please make a complete backup in advance. Then follow the steps below and reset your iPhone:
– Launch the Settings app and go to the General Settings. Scroll down and look for the Reset option.
– Then in the Reset menu, click on the Erase All Content and Settings option. You will have to enter your device passcode to confirm the action.
Tip 5: Take your iPhone to the Apple Store for help. If the above tips can’t work, there are chances that your iPhone has some serious hardware problems. The Apple Store will tell you the real reason and fix it for you.

Part 2: How to fix iPhone echo problem with

If you want to try a fail-safe method, then iOS System Recovery is the best assistant. With it, iPhone echo problem can be fixed as soon as possible without any data loss. Just follow the steps below:
Step 1: Firstly, download, install, and run the software on your PC, then tap on iOS System Recovery.

How to Fix iPhone Echo Problem

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your PC and click Start to go on.

How to Fix iPhone Echo Problem

Step 3: To fix this issue, you need to download the latest firmware. So please select your device model and hit on Confirm to get the firmware for your device.

How to Fix iPhone Echo Problem

Step 4: Once the download is done, the software will repair your system and fix the echo problem. A Few minutes later, your iPhone will restart normally and of course, the echo problem is gone.

How to Fix iPhone Echo Problem
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