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How to Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone

Accidentally remove important call history from your iPhone? Go out of your way to recover lost data but finally fail? A savior of lost data access for all cell phone subscribers is here! Read on!

Many iPhone users have met the same problems. Don’t worry because it’s probable to restore all your data from your iPhone. Actually, your call history has not yet been permanently removed from your iPhone. They are present in some corner of your iPhone waiting for you to pull them out. How? Just use iPhone Data Recovery!

iPhone Data Recovery is a reliable data recovery tool that can efficiently help your restore data (pictures, videos, calendar, call logs, contacts, etc) from your iPhone. No matter how did you lose your data, device damage, accidental deletion, virus inflection, system error, formatting, etc, trust me! iPhone Data Recovery can help you easily recover them without any damage.

Do not hesitate and miss this chance! Download the trial version to save your call logs now.

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Three ways to recover call history from iPhone

Part 1: How to Directly Recover Call Log from iPhone

Step 1. Connect the device to PC & Choose recovery mode

First, download iPhone Data Recovery for free. Install and launch it. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB. Then you’ll see “Recover” in the interface as the image shows below. Click it and choose “Recover from iOS Device”. After that, click “Start Scan” to scan the information on your iPhone.

iPhone Data Recovery

Select the file you want to recover

Step 2. Preview content & Recover deleted call log

After a while, when scanning is completed, you’ll see all contents of your iPhone are listed in the next window. You can slide the button at the top of the window to “On” for only displaying the missing items so that you can easily restore the call log on iPhone. Preview the items and recover those you need by clicking the “Recover” button.

Recover iPhone Data

Part 2: How to Restore Call Logs from iTunes backup

iTunes itself does not allow you to selectively restore data from it. All or nothing, it means you can either restore everything from iTunes backup files or restore nothing from it. It’s quite inconvenient for users. With this in mind, iPhone Data Recovery enables users to choose whatever they want from the iTunes backup file and save them to their devices.

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Follow the steps:

Step 1. Choose recovery mode & Extract the iTunes backup file

Launch iPhone Data Recovery on your computer and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” on the interface. Here you’ll see all iTunes backup files for your iOS devices. Choose the one for your iPhone and click “Start Scan” to extract it. If there is more than one, choose the one with the latest date.

Recover from the iTunes Backup File

select the files from itunes

Step 2. Preview & Recover iPhone call log from iTunes backup

Wait for a while until all contents appear in the window. Now you can choose “Call History” in the left column and preview them. Tick the item you want to keep and save it to your computer by clicking the “Recover” button.

recover data from itunes backup

Part 3: How to Restore iPhone Call History from iCloud backup

Without iPhone Data Recovery, if you want to recover data from iCloud backup, you will meet the same problem as from iTunes backup. iCloud restrains you from previewing or selective restoring specific data from its backup files. Likewise, you need iPhone Data Recovery to help you extract data out of iCloud backup files.

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Now follow the bellowing steps:

Step 1. Run the program & Sign in to your iCloud account

Launch the program after installing it and choose “Recover”. Then log in to your iCloud account by entering your Apple ID and password.

recover from icloud

Note: It’s safe to log in to your account in this interface because iPhone Data Recovery will not record or divulge any information.

Step 2. Download & Scan the iCloud backup

After logging in to iCloud, iPhone Data Recovery can detect and list all of your iCloud backup files in the window. Select the one you need and click the “Download” button. The downloading process will take you a few minutes.

select file from icloud

Note: The downloaded file is only located on your computer. There is no record in the program or any other place.

Step 3. Preview and restore call history from iCloud

As the following screenshot shows, all of the contents are itemized in the left pane of the window so that you can preview most of them. Then choose those you need and click “Recover” to retrieve your call logs.

recover data from icloud backup

Clear instruction and simple operating steps make iPhone Data Recovery become outstanding software and work for everyone. Download the trial version below to have a try by yourself now!

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