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How to Recover Footage from CCTV/DVR

Can I recover deleted recordings from CCTV/DVR?

Have you experienced recorded videos or images being accidentally deleted from a CCTV/DVR camera? Or forgot to back up them before formatting the DVR hard drive? Did you struggle to get them but never succeed?

That’s quite a common problem. Let’s learn the principle of retrieving deleted data first.

A hard disk has many sectors which are storage cells. The content of the file that you create and edit is written into multiple sectors. At the same time, a pointer is created in the system to record the beginning and end of the file.

When you make a permanent deletion, Windows deletes the pointer only, with the file data saved in the sectors on the hard disk. In other words, the deletion just changes the file status and hides the files. Therefore, the available storage space is deceivingly made. Since the file content still exists, we can retrieve deleted files with a file recovery program.

However, the computer doesn’t keep the deleted files forever because the free space will be used to save new data, which overwrites the deleted files. In that case, it is hard to get back those files. But don’t worry and keep reading. The article’s second part will show you how to keep away from the wrong way and retrieve the deleted data.

Securely recover footage from CCTV/DVR (10K users tried)

It’s unlikely to track footage unless you are proficient in using the computer. So, if you are looking for a tool to securely recover footage from CCTV/DVR, Data Recovery will be a wise choice. Supporting over 500 formats, this software is designed to retrieve deleted images, videos, audio, emails, and more from hard drives (including Recycle Bin) on Windows 11/10/8/7/XP and Mac.

By the way, if your CCTV has a memory card, only third-party software can read the data. There are two ways to connect to the computer. One is to insert the card into a card reader and then plug the reader into the computer. The other is to connect the CCTV to your computer directly with a USB cable.

How Can I Recover Footage from CCTV/DVR

Before the recovery, you should pay attention to the things below because an assistant tool is not omnipotent.

First of all, seize the time to retrieve your deleted data. The sooner you use a file recovery program to get your data back, the more possible success is made.

Secondly, avoid using the computer after the deletion. Downloading music or videos can produce a large amount of new data which will overwrite the deleted files possibly. If so, those files will never be retrieved.

Thirdly, avoid downloading and installing a file recovery program on the same hard drive that previously stored the deleted files. This may also overwrite those files and cause an irreversible deletion.

Comply with the above and follow the steps below. Now let’s get started recovering the files!

Step 1: Download Data Recovery from the link below.

Free DownloadFree Download

Step 2: Install and launch the software on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 3: Connect your CCTV or SD card (with the help of a card reader) to the computer. Select the types of data that you want to recover on the homepage, like videos. Then check the hard drive that used to contain your deleted files.

data recovery

Step 4: Click the Scan button.

Step 5: Choose Deep Scan on the left to get more items and tick your desired file types. This step can give a more thorough scan of the deleted files but takes a long time. Make sure that the program is working until the scan is finished.

scanning the lost data

Step 6: Now the scan results are presented. Tick the specific files and click on Recover. When the recovery is finished, you can find the deleted files in the location you choose.

recover the lost files

Free DownloadFree Download

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