How to Record Computer Screen for Free

Today, people rely on their laptops and computer to handle all kinds of things, from students to businessmen. A variety of activities can be done with a computer, for example, having an online meeting with customers, playing video games, attending online lessons, etc. Sometimes, people may want to save this instant information, which would not be happened once again, for keeping the important data from them. So they require a recorder for recording the computer screen.

How could that help? Let me give you some examples. Like the online lessons, by recording them down, you can playback for many times as you need to remember the knowledge better; by saving the online meetings, you are sure not to miss some important information or ideas that came up by your customers or bosses. Recording down the computer screen sometimes offers great help to users. But how? In the following, you can get the best recorder to help you record the computer screen without hassle.

How to Record Computer Screen Easily

Movavi Screen Recorder would be the best partner for your computer screen recording process. Being voted as one of the best screen recorders currently, Movavi Screen Recorder has accumulated a large number of loyal users. There are many reasons why people choose Movavi Screen Recorder. The first thing should be its clear interface.

Without wasting too much space, the interface of Movavi Screen Recorder is quite intuitive and simple, allowing users to grasp how it works very quickly. The main functions such as Video Recorder, Webcam Recorder, Audio Recorder, and Screen Capture, are just listed on its interface. You can quickly go to the one you need and start recording pretty easily.

Secondly, Movavi Screen Recorder provides high output quality for both video and audio recording, making sure that users can have good stream back experience after getting the recordings. In addition, various popular output formats also provided for users to use randomly. You can just choose the one you need for saving your recordings.

There are more amazing features contained in Movavi Screen Recorder, for example, the lock window, drawing panel, shortcuts, around mouse capture mode, etc., are all the free tools you can use inside the program. Movavi Screen Recorder can be a really good choice if you want an easy-to-use but multifunctional recorder.

Free DownloadFree Download

STEP 1. Firstly, please download Movavi Screen Recorder to your computer. Make sure you have installed the right version on your Windows/Mac. Purchase the program if you need it, but we sincerely recommend you to use the free trial version at first.
Movavi Screen Recorder

STEP 2. Then, open Movavi Screen Recorder program. If you need to record the computer screen, then you should choose Video Recorder. After going into its section, except for the set resolutions it provides, you can customize the size of the recording area, deciding how large the screen you need to record.

Also, you can turn on the system sound or microphone sound for recording both of them down together.

customize the size of the recording area

STEP 3. Finish all the settings and you can just start recording your computer screen by clicking on “REC”. Then you would see Movavi Screen Recorder will just count down from 3 and begin to capture your computer screen. Wait patiently for the recording to be finished.

capture your computer screen

STEP 4. If the recording is ended, click the stop button to end the recording. Then Movavi Screen Recorder will send you to preview the video that you just recorded. In this section, you can clip or trim the video to fit your needs. Finally, give a click on “Save” then you can save the recording offline. If you feel unsatisfied with the recording, just hit the “Re-Record” icon and restart the process again.

save the recording

Recording your computer screen is just such an easy task with the help of Movavi Screen Recorder. I believe that you are sure to grasp this tool within a short time because this is the most convenient and simple recorder I have ever used. Hesitate no more and just record your computer screen when you need it with Movavi Screen Recorder in hand!

Free DownloadFree Download

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