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How to Play Audible AA on MP3 Player?

Nowadays, many users like to enjoy audiobooks on Audible when they are walking, running, waiting for the subway, or killing time. Unfortunately, Audible has set DRM protection to its AA and AAX files to avoid any unauthorized playback on other Audible unapproved devices, even for audiobooks purchased by users. Audible DRM protection is good for audiobook copyright but brings much inconvenience for daily usage. For example, we can not easily purchase Audible audiobooks on iPhone, iPad, iPod, any Android mobile, or any other MP3 player. Any solution?

AA to MP3 Converter – Convert Audible AA to MP3 Player Supported MP3

To make Audible AA/AAX file playback convenient on any MP3 player, we can use a professional Audible AA to MP3 player Converter to remove the original Audible AA DRM protection as well as convert the AA file to any MP3 player’s best-supported MP3 format.

Key Features of AA to MP3 player Converter

  • Convert any Audible AA/AAX file to any MP3 player-supported MP3 for successfully playing any Audible AA file on any MP3 player without a DRM limit.
  • Convert any Audible AA/AAX file to any MP3 player-supported MP3 with 100% original AA audiobook quality.
  • Convert any Audible AA/AAX file to MP3 or M4B to compatibly allow AA playback in Windows Media Player, VLC player, iPhone, PSP, etc as well as on all MP3 players.
  • The conversion speed is 60X faster than other AA to MP3 player converters.
  • This Epubor Audible Converter supports splitting audible into chapters and to maintain metadata of audiobooks.
  • Convert any Audible AA/AAX file to MP3 or M4B on any Windows, macOS computer, or tablet.

Guide on Converting AA to MP3 Player MP3

Users can follow the guide below to easily convert any Audible AA file to any MP3 player’s best-supported MP3.

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Step 1. Add AA to Epubor Audible Converter

The drag & drop feature or clicking the “+add” button will easily get the Audible AA file imported to this Epubor Audible Converter.

Audible Converter

Step 2. Optional Step: Convert AA to MP3 with chapters

This Epubor Audible Converter also has a “split by chapters” button which supports splitting audiobooks into chapters. And also the “Apply to all” button supports splitting audiobooks into chapters for all imported Audible books.

Audible Converter Settings

Step 3. Convert AA to MP3 player MP3 with DRM removal

After all the above setting is done, click the “Convert to mp3” button to get the imported AA file easily converted to the user’s wanted MP3 file.

Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3 without DRM protection

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