How to Listen to Someone’s Live Phone Calls

Ever wondered what your spouse or child is doing when you are not around? Don’t worry! You can easily keep an eye on your partner’s activities. Many new applications have been introduced recently that help you take complete control over your partner or your child’s phone. These applications allow you to track someone’s text messages, GPS locations, emails, deleted apps, and even phone calls. So, if you want to make sure your partner is not cheating on you or you want to have a check on your kid, you need to install one of these applications on your phone. This will give you all the confidence and peace of mind you need.

Spy apps often come with various amazing features. You can do real-time professional detective work with these apps. These allow you to make sure that your children are surfing safely. There are several apps available on the market that let you do that. However, in order to get authentic information, you need to make the right choice.

How to Listen to Someone’s Live Phone Calls?

Whether you’re doing it for your family’s safety or for work-related reasons, there are multiple ways to listen in on cell phone conversations. The best and easiest way is by using spy listening apps that you install on a target mobile phone. Plus, with such apps, you also get other features besides listening to cell phone conversations.

Here are two of the best apps for your target phone: uMobix and FlexiSpy.

Using uMobix

uMobix — One of the Best Real-Time Social Media Monitoring Tools for Concerned Parents

uMobix is a parental management and spy app that you need to install on a target phone in order for it to work. Designed to help parents, uMobix has many features that allow parents to monitor their children’s devices.

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These features include a keylogger, revealing SMS messages, call logs, calendars, and more. You can also see websites that the target phone visited, and it even has features that let you track the device’s GPS location. The best feature, called uMobix AudioStream, allows you to listen to cell phone conversations.

With this app, you can listen to cell phone calls remotely and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary going on.

Using FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY — Popular Spy Tool for Tracking Activity on Instant Messaging Apps

If you want to listen to the live phone call, you can get help from FlexiSPY. FlexiSPY is a powerful phone spy app to help you monitor everything on the target phone remotely.

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As FlexiSPY provides various features in spying, tracking, and recording, it has two packages – FlexiSPY PREMIUM and FlexiSPY EXTREME for you to choose from.

  • For FlexiSPY PREMIUM, you can get all-around monitoring of phone activities, such as tracking SMS, phone calls, Notes, Emails, Website history, and Locations; viewing Photos, Videos, and Audios; tracking social chatting Apps messages, and call logs.
  • For FlexiSPY EXTREME, only for the most demanding detectives, you can monitor and record all audio streams like live phone calls. Extra services include Surroundings Recording and Remote Spy Camera. So if you want to listen to the live phone call, FlexiSPY is the best choice you should try.

How to Monitor Someone’s Phone Call Number?

Best SMS Trackers For Android To Spy Remotely – The Top Software Rated

If you don’t need to listen to and record the live phone call, and what you want to monitor is the call number, Certainly, FlexiSPY can track the phone number. But there is another phone number tracker that you can try, which is mSpy. With mSpy, you can check all incoming calls, view all outgoing calls, acquire the caller data from the address book, view timestamps, view call duration, view chronology, and block uninvited calls on the target phone without him knowing. And you can also monitor the conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Kik, and more. mSpy is easy to use, and it just takes you around 5-10 minutes to install the app.

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mspy call history


As FlexiSPY and mSpy are solely designed for the purpose of spying, they enable you to spy not only the phone call on the target phone but everything. With them, you can get more information from your child, teenager, partner, or spouse without them knowing.

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