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How to Spy on Viber Messages without Knowing

Viber is a great mobile app that people use to communicate with one another. But the reality is that sometimes you want to know what people talk about you or what they are saying on Viber. Thankfully, you can learn how to spy on Viber without the target phone right here.

Best 4 Apps to Spy on Someone’s Viber for Free

Spy apps allow you to track Viber messages, text messages, calls, location, and internet activity of another person without them knowing! There are several different spy apps available on the market, and each has its own set of features and costs associated with it.


mspy reivew

mSpy is a spy app that allows you to track the activity of another person. It offers several features, including spy text messages, call logs, location tracking, and internet activity monitoring.

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Some of its features include the following:

  • Monitoring Calls, Text Messages, Emails, Internet Use, GPS Location, and More
  • Viewing Multimedia Files (Photos & Videos)
  • Receiving Alerts When Specific Words or Phrases are Typed or Spoken
  • Blocking Incoming Calls and Text Messages from Specified Numbers
  • Recording Phone Conversations

mSpy is an excellent app for parents who want to keep tabs on their children’s smartphone activity. It can also be used for businesses wishing to keep track of their employees’ phone usage.

The cost for mSpy ranges from $48.99 to $140 per year. mSpy is compatible with Android, and iOS devices.

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Top 5 Snapchat Monitoring App to Monitor Snapchat Effortlessly

eyeZy is a parental control and spy app that allows you to track the activity of kids and employees. It offers several features, including text message tracking, call monitoring, location tracking, internet activity, and live screen recording. eyeZy has many features like spy social media & dating apps, email monitoring, keylogger, etc.

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eyeZy offers VOIP call recording through which you can listen to & record messenger app calls remotely, such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Snapchat, WeChat, etc. You can also see all activities on their Viber account with the help of eyeZy. Get text messages, emojis, contact logs, date & time, etc.

eyeZy is compatible with Android and iOS.


Top 5 Snapchat Monitoring App to Monitor Snapchat Effortlessly

ClevGuard is a parental control & spy app that allows you to track the activity of another device. It offers several features, including text message tracking, call monitoring, location tracking, key logger, and internet activity monitoring. KidsGuard can track Kik, Whatsapp, Instagram, LINE, WeChat, and many other social messenger apps. Viber Spy app is best for both devices Android & iPhone. Users can track any online & online activities on a Viber account.

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Monitor in the form of screenshots and text. So if you think that something is missing in the screenshot, you can check these messages in text form. New screenshots can be seen every few seconds since the target person’s device is currently using Viber. Screenshots will be small when you receive them but with a single click, you can open them in full size. To save a specific screenshot yourself, you can download it any time you want. The quality of the screenshots is good. You will never have a hard time reading this message or watching the media that the two people exchange. If you want to track the Viber app and other social media apps then get a Kidsguard account and install the Viber spy app on the target phone. Users can view all Viber account activities of the target person.

The cost for ClevGuard ranges from $29.95 to $99.95 per year. ClevGuard is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The developer behind ClevGuard has a good reputation. One of ClevGuard’s main features is its ability to track text messages. This feature allows you to see the date and time of each message and the contact information of the sender and recipient.

You can also view all photos and videos sent or received via Viber messenger or other instant messenger apps. Another critical feature of ClevGuard is its call monitoring capability. This feature lets you see the date, time, and length of each phone call made or received on the target device. You can also listen to any recorded calls if desired.

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Top 5 Snapchat Monitoring App to Monitor Snapchat Effortlessly

Cocospy is a powerful spy app that allows you to track the activity of someone person. It offers several features, including text message tracking, phone call recording, environment voice recording, location tracking, internet activity monitoring, and many more features. Cocospy allows Instant messenger apps call recording features users can record calls on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, LINE, etc social media apps.

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You can use the Cocospy Viber spy app on Android and iOS devices only. The developer/company behind Cocospy does have a good reputation. Despite this, Cocospy is still one of the most famous spy apps available today.

Some of its features include, Text messages, call monitoring, location tracking, email, keylogger, and internet activity monitoring. If you’re looking for a reliable spy app that offers a wide range of features, then Cocospy is worth considering.

How to Spy on Someone’s Viber without Knowing

viber spy

mSpy is a powerful, reliable parental control and smartphone spying app that enables you to monitor Viber messages and calls, check the GPS location of any person, and access many other great features.

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The first thing you want to do is to install mSpy on the device. You will need to do that fast, but this is a small download so you can install it without a problem. Once the app is installed, just log in to the mSpy control panel and then you can start learning how to spy Viber without a target phone, spy WhatsApp, track Facebook Messenger, check emails, text messages, calls, and so on. You will be able to do it as many times as you want until the app gets removed from the target device.

There are lots of reasons why you want to spy on another person, one of them being the fact that they are lying to you. Tracking messages might help quite a bit, same with phone calls. And mSpy will be able to provide all those great features for you in a single package. You really get to have all the value and support you need in a comprehensive and powerful app you can use at any given time.

How to spy on Viber Using mSpy

Understanding how to spy on someone’s Viber without him knowing is quite easy once you install mSpy. After the installation process is complete, your dashboard will have a section dedicated to Viber. This is where you will be able to monitor and track text messages, even the ones that are deleted. You can see group chats and you can also monitor calls. You will know the call details such as duration, date, and time. This way you will know all the interactions a person has on Viber and with whom they are interacting as well. It really comes in handy a lot, especially if you want to monitor someone’s activity on Viber.

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Spying on other people can be seen as morally incorrect and unethical. But if it’s for personal reasons and you want to see whether the person in question is cheating on you or lying, it’s a justified investment. Plus, mSpy is a great solution that helps you see what conversations your child has, with whom, and so on.

spy on viber

It’s never easy to start spying on someone, especially on chat and call apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, and others. But when you learn how to spy on Viber without the target phone, you will be able to see if your suspicions are true. This app shows the truth and all interactions a person has with Viber. So if you always wanted to spy on someone on Viber, mSpy is the tool to use!

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FAQs for Spying Viber Messages

1. Can I Spy On Viber Without Accessing The Target Device?

You would require one-time access to the target device to download and install mSpy on it. Upon successful installation, you can spy on Viber without accessing the target device.

2. How to make Viber monitoring work?

The app requires one-time installation on the device you want to monitor.

  • To get an instant Viber message, need to give Accessibility permission on your monitoring device > Device Settings > Accessibility > WiFi Service > Enable it.
  • Enable “Viber” from dashboard settings, if they are not by default enabled.

mSpy introduces a powerful Viber tracking feature that gives all Viber activities at a glance.

3. Why not show Viber messages on a non-rooted phone?

In Viber application settings, if “Preview” is disabled, you will not get Viber messages. You will only get a brief description.

  • You need to give Accessibility permission on your monitoring device >> Device Settings >> Accessibility > WiFi Service > Enable it.

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