How to Check The Smartphone’s Secret Apps (iPhone & Android)

Cheating research can be said to be an action to search for information on cheating by examining various smartphone apps. Popular SNS apps, emails, messages, calendars, browsers, etc. are full of cheating information, so they are often targeted. But that’s not the only app to check. While your lover is cheating, you may be using apps that help you record or delete cheating information. If you have time, it is wise to check not only the famous and popular apps but also other apps.

If you want to check the app, you must first know the status of the app installed on the smartphone. But it’s not enough to open your phone’s menu and check the name of the icon or app. I want to know how to easily check smartphone apps in a list. Also, what should you do if you want to check an app that your lover has purchased but does not install on the smartphone?

Since it is your lover’s smartphone, it is not easy to check the smartphone app. This article introduces how to check iPhone/Android smartphone apps even hidden ones.

How to Check iPhone Apps

First, open the iPhone AppStore app.

Then click “Update” in the lower right. Now you can check the app you purchased for your lover’s Apple ID. “All” is all purchased apps, and “Not on this iPhone” apps are purchased with the same Apple ID but not installed on this device. It’s better to check both.

How to Check Android Smartphone Apps

Check the app directly from the app screen

Some Android smartphones are divided into a home screen and an application screen. The app displayed on the app screen is true, and the app displayed on the home screen can be called a shortcut. Therefore, if you want to check the app, you can check the app screen directly.

You can delete apps you want to hide on the home screen by putting them in the trash can. If you want to return the deleted app to the home screen, you can enter the app from the app screen to the home screen.

Check apps from Android phone settings

Open the “Settings” app on your Android smartphone, then select “Apps” or “Applications”. The name of the “App” varies slightly depending on the type of Android smartphone.

Next, let’s select “Application Management”. Now you can check the installed apps on your Android smartphone and delete/reset the app.

Check the app in the Android smartphone app store

Open the Android app store. The app store used varies depending on the person, so here’s how to check the app using the most popular “Google Play” as an example.

After opening Google Play, press the button on the left, then tap “My Apps & Games” in the displayed list.

You can check the apps you have installed so far, but please note that you can delete the Google Play installation history.

In “Installed”, only apps installed on the smartphone currently in use are displayed, and “All” is not only that but apps that have been installed in the past but not installed on the terminal are also displayed It is.

How to Find Hidden Cheating Apps

Because it is an app for cheating, there is a possibility that the lover has hidden the app in a special way because the cheating relationship is not good. If you don’t want your app icon to be visible to others, you can use the iPhone/Android smartphone function to hide the app icon! There’s also a way to make it harder to see the app from the beginning, although it’s not completely hidden.

For iPhone

1. Put it in the folder

When checking an app with an affair survey, you usually preview the app from the home screen.

At that time, pay attention to the folder on the screen. You can create more than 2 pages of iPhone folders! And even if you create more than the second page of the folder, you can check the application on the first page only from the home screen.

If you can’t check directly from the home screen and you are not the owner of the user, you may not know that there is a second page even if you open the folder. This is where you should be most careful when investigating.

2. Hide the app from the home screen

Tips for hiding apps from the home screen. First, fill in the first page with the app, then prepare the app you want to hide on the second page. Next, press and hold the app you want to hide, move from the second page to the first page, and overlay the first-page app to create a folder. But don’t take your finger off the app you want to hide when the folder comes out.

Finally, take the app you want to hide outside the folder and move the app away from your finger so that it doesn’t overlap with other apps … The app is hidden from the home screen! Of course, the app was not deleted. It is possible to retrieve apps that have disappeared in “Settings”> “General”> “Reset”> “Reset Home Screen Layout”. Let’s display an app to hide this way even when investigating!

3. Functional restriction

Enter the function restriction screen in the order of “Settings”> “General”> “Function restriction” on the iPhone. If you restrict the function of the app, the app icon disappears and the app itself cannot be used. In order to set/cancel the function restriction, it is necessary to enter the password after setting it.
If you set a password, turning off the allow button on the right side of the app will limit the functionality of the app.

If a lover restricts an affair app with this function, you may not be able to check the contents of the app when conducting an affair. But even if you don’t know your password, you can enter this “restricted function” screen and check the icon and name of the restricted app.

4. Find at once with the Spotlight search function

Hidden apps can be detected using the iPhone Spotlight search function. You can use this feature by sliding the iPhone home screen from top to bottom or from left to right. Enter keywords to find your target app.

For Android

Not all apps are listed on the Android smartphone app screen. Some applications can use functions such as “Hide application” and “Hide application” by pressing the upper right button. Now you can hide the selected app. Of course, in the case of cheating, you can display the hidden application after tapping the “app hide” function.

There is also a “secret app” that hides cheating information and hides the app

The above is how to hide and display the application with the standard functions of Android smartphones and iPhones. However, if you use a secret app developed by some third parties, you can hide the smartphone app.

1. GalleryVault (iPhone / Android)

This app is also called “private photo studio”. It has a function to hide secret photos and videos, and the app itself has a function to “hide icons”, so it is convenient to hide cheating photos and videos.

2. Secret Home (Android)

It is a home app that has a function to hide the app icon on the screen. You can switch between hidden and visible apps selected in a batch.

When investigating cheating, be sure to check the apps your lover uses. If there is an app that hides such secrets, something secret should be hidden in the smartphone, even if it is not cheating information.

Best way to check smartphone apps without Knowing

mspy reivew

It takes a lot of time to check the installed apps. It may be difficult for those who want to take a chance and do a cheating survey in a short time. Speaking of cheating, SNS apps and emails are probably more important. In that case, how about checking the installed application of the smartphone through the smartphone monitoring tool – mSpy. mSpy is an app that lets you easily check your smartphone’s installed apps.

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Note: mSpy is an application that monitors smartphone data, collects various data, and then confirms from the mSpy control panel. If you install it on your lover’s smartphone, you can easily collect your lover’s smartphone data, so before using mSpy, you must take your own responsibility and obtain prior written permission and consent from your lover.

Step 1. Download mSpy app

When you purchase mSpy’s smartphone monitoring service, you will receive an email with instructions on how to install mSpy and how to set up your smartphone. In that case, install the mSpy app on your smartphone as described in the manual.

Step 2. Login mSpy control panel

The username and password you prepared to log in to the mSpy control panel will also be sent by email with the purchase of mSpy. To view the smartphone data collected by the mSpy app, you need to log in to the control panel.

Step 3. mSpy control panel

Once the mSpy app is installed on your phone, it will start running in background mode. There is no notification. This will start monitoring and collecting data on your smartphone.

Step 4. Check installed apps

Data collection for smartphones takes time. Then log in to the control panel and check the installed apps. Click “Installed Apps” in the list on the left.

mspy block phone app

Now you can see the name and version of the app you installed, the app size, the point of installation, and more. You can also block smartphone apps on the control panel. As you installed mSpy, you can also check LINE messages, spy on someone’s messages without knowing, and find someone’s location.

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Be careful with the app for contact!

If you want to get cheating information from a smartphone app, you should pay special attention to the contents of the message/mail app and SNS app. If you don’t have time to check many contact tools one by one, you can monitor some SNS apps, emails, and messages on the control panel through the smartphone monitoring app mSpy.

mspy sms

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